Why public speaking is an indispensable skill for business entrepreneur.

A lot of people have a great vision and a very strong educational background. They somehow do not have a very keen interest in public speaking. And, that’s exactly where they get stuck at. At times many startups also fail, because people do not understand the value of communicating with their investors, customers and other colleagues. Jignesh Barasara, the great business entrepreneur therefore has clearly signified the importance of being a good communicator in order to become a successful business entrepreneur. In this article, we will discuss how skills of public speaking play a critical role in driving success for a business entrepreneur.

Being able to communicate in public is one of the indispensable skills that you need as a business entrepreneur. It is one of the key skills that can both make and break your organization. And, fortunately a large part of being a successful leader comes from how effective your communication skills are. It is impossible to skip being an effective communicator, for becoming a successful as a business entrepreneur. But, fortunately this is something which can be learned and improved with time. You can’t win alone as an entrepreneur, teamwork, communication are vital factors to be successful.

Idea Sharing and funding:

In order to add wings to your business, you would need to communicate your ideas to CEOs of great brands and in order to accumulate funds you need to pitch in your ideas to the investors. In both cases, public speaking is the only skill that can help your ship sail through. When talking to someone at the post of CEO, sending your VPs with the business proposal will only result in the rejection of the offer. This is because in such cases the offers go through, only when the owner of the business stands up for public speaking.

Oppurtinity to interact with experts:

Since it is your startup and you are the name behind the brand, therefore it is indispensable for the success of the startup that you are visible and reflect upon your expertise of communicating with already established experts of your domain.

Hosting customer seminars:

As your company grows up the success ladder, it is vital that you start handling your conversation with the client, like a professional speaker would do. This will further help you increase your customers base and will help you to grow your business more successfully.

Key Speaker:

With small start ups you can workout things being a cool CEO both in appearance and mode of communication. You will have to start exercising communication at a broader level like other industry leaders once the organization starts growing. You can be representing your organization at national as well as international level. Having good communication skill will help you a great deal here. And, what better can be for your startup than getting international exposure and hence enhanced recognition.

Representation of the organisation:

Public speaking skills are far more important outside your organization, than they are in the organisation. Your skills are critically evaluated by various industry experts and partners, your competitors as well as the media. Their perception of how you represent your organization will go a long way in determining the success of your organization.


Communication skills are needed on a daily basis both in personal as well as professional domains. And, the best part is that you can learn it and keep improving the same. This is one of the most quickest and ethical way to climb up the success ladder in the world of business entrepreneurship.