Why People Are Ordering Food Online In Trains Now?

As we’ve seen with the advent of online shopping, food delivery, and even restaurants popping up in trains now, people are more inclined to order food for delivery and eat it on their own. While this might not be a popular activity for everyone, some people enjoy these conveniences.

What is people ordering from the train?

People are ordering food online in trains because it is convenient. It takes less time to order food and make a reservation than to wait in line at the restaurant. Plus, with the ease of access to WiFi and smart devices, people have more choice on where they can order their food. People are ordering food from Zoop app because it is less expensive, healthier, and quicker than other methods. It also helps people who are on the go or don’t want to eat out after a long day.

How much food is being ordered online?

A group of researchers from the University of Castellón have been studying why people are ordering food online in trains now. They found that people are doing it mainly because they want to save time and avoid waiting in long queues. However, it could also mean that people will place more orders and spend more money.  In a survey conducted by the British market research firm Kantar Worldpanel, food ordering on trains has been found to increase by almost 12% in 2017. This is over and above the growth of more consumers ordering from their phone or laptop. The survey said that London leads the way with 78% of all orders coming from trains, followed by Glasgow where 69% of orders are placed.

When did people start ordering food online in trains?

Train riders are increasingly looking for a quick, easy meal to eat during their commute along with other commuters. While many people use apps like Zomato and Zoop to find places for meals, some people still prefer just finding a nice place somewhere between home and work where they can get a quick meal that isn’t too pricey. The first website that allows people to order food online and have it delivered in 30 minutes was launched by the company Zoop. Since then, the company has grown significantly and the number of people who use this service has increased dramatically.

Benefits of Online Food Orders:

People from India, foreign are ordering food online in trains now. Although it’s reliable as having someone deliver your food, people are ordering anyway because of the benefits. Most importantly, there is no need to plan a trip to the store or spend time waiting for delivery. Other advantages of ordering online in trains include receiving free deliveries and saving valuable time by avoiding long lines.

Who’s Being Affected By Online Food Orders?

Food ordering has been made very convenient and accessible now through the internet. This is due to the improved technology and customer-friendly website of companies like Zoop which makes it easy for anyone to order food online with their smartphones. There are many people who would rather eat out than cook at home. As a result, food delivery services have seen a boom in business this year with an increase of more than 70% in 2018 according to QSR magazine.

Consequences of Online Food Orders:

We have seen that people are ordering food online in trains now and this is the consequence of the freedom given to them. When we go online, we become less accountable for ourselves and we forget about the social aspect of eating with other people.

IRCTC eCatering best food delivery:

India’s Railways have introduced a Zoop food delivery service called eCatering. The service is available in most train stations and has taken over the catering business of IRCTC, India’s national railways. In the first week of its launch, it received more than 15000 orders. This was possible because there were 24 passenger trains to cater to every day, and with food delivery becoming easier on the go due to online ordering, more customers are ordering their favourite meals online.

IRCTC is the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation. It’s a government-owned entity which provides catering services to passengers travelling in trains. IRCTC eCatering, a platform for railway passengers looking for food options where the train is the last stop, has been an instant hit with commuters. The app has been downloaded over 1 lakh times so far and can now be used anywhere in India.

In some ways, it is not surprising that people are ordering food online in trains because the convenience of doing so far outweighs the risk factors associated with using a public transport system. Given the many advantages of food delivery, it is no wonder why people are opting for this option more and more often.