Why Does My Printer Not Print Colors Correctly?

It’s a fairly common story that you have to print something, but the black ink on your printer is taking off for a while. You head straight to Google and look for solutions to fix this issue and come across a variety of printer forums that don’t have a specific resolution. We’ve had calls regarding the same issue, and to assist, we’ve compiled an outline of what you can do if your printer ceases to print in black.

How can I resolve my printer’s inability to print black ink?

Black Ink Troubleshooting Tips at a Glance

  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Check Your Ink Cartridges
  • Clean Your Printhead
  • Still, experiencing problems? Try changing your paper’s setting to “glossy”
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Begin with the Basics

1. Switch off your printer. Unplug it from power sources and remove USB cables, too. After a short time reconnect your printer, and reconnect it. Then, switch your device back to.

2. Print a “Quality Diagnostic Report” or a “Print Test Page”.

3. It is common to see this option on the printing device’s screen. Also, look through the user manual of your printer for step-by-step directions.

4. Examine the levels of ink on your printer to verify the volume of ink contained within the cartridges. If you’re using cartridges from an aftermarket store that don’t display ink levels then we’ll need to find a new method to determine if the cartridges in your ink are the cause.

Check Your Ink Cartridge

1. Replace cartridges for ink that are running low on ink or are empty.

2. Make sure that ink cartridges are securely inserted and correctly placed in the appropriate slot.

3. Make sure there’s taken off the strip that was over the vent If you’ve installed an entirely new cartridge.

4. Examine if the vents on the cartridges are blocked. It is possible to clear this up with pins to clear the obstruction in the air vent.

5. Try using a different cartridge to check whether your printer can recognize cartridges. If your printer working with an older cartridge, try installing the cartridge again to see whether your printer can produce any kind of output. Any shade of gray can be used.

It’s all we have to do is determine whether it’s the printer or the printhead that’s creating difficulties. If your printer can print something using the old cartridge, it’s not the printhead. It’s more likely that your new cartridge might be defective and should be replaced. If your printer cannot print using the previous cartridge, it’s time to take the next steps–

Check Your Printhead

The printhead’s printer head is a component of a printer that assists in transferring ink onto the paper. It accomplishes it by firing small drops of ink through numerous printing nozzles in order to produce an image you want to print. If the nozzle is blocked, prints appear dull or streaky. The most effective way to fix issues with print quality is to clean your printhead. We’ll give you two ways to clean it in the next section!

Automatically Clean the Printhead

  1. The feature for cleaning the printhead automatically is the fastest method to diagnose obstructions. The majority of printers come with an integrated cleaning feature which can be found in the maintenance menu that appears on the display screen of the printer. It is suggested to first run the process to see if it can clear any obstructions. Remember that cleaning your printer will consume ink So don’t be too surprised when you notice the levels of your cartridge diminish one or two times after you’ve completed the procedure. 
  2. If using the feature to clean the printhead automatically one time doesn’t work, try it again, perhaps a third or fourth time. If you’re not going to want to repeat more than that. there’s a limit as to the number of times you can use the feature to clean your printer automatically. Watch our video below to find out how to operate the automated printhead cleaning feature using the Epson printer.
  3.  The steps are identical for all other printer models Check out the user guide to find the exact instructions for your printer.
  4. Try changing your printer driver settings to choose “glossy photograph paper” because this could cause the printer to begin printing once more. This only applies in the event that your printer has two cartridges of black-one dye-based and one pigment. 
  5. The kind of black ink the printer uses will typically depend on the type of paper that you choose. Pigment black works best on matte papers, while dye works with glossy. When switching from one type to the next we’re hoping to trigger or jump-start each of our black cartridges to get started.

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