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Why do people fail the UPSC mains? And How Not To Repeat It Next Year

UPSC Mains Exam

Basically, UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission examination. It conducts the UPSC Civil Service Examination (CSE) for the recruitment of candidates for civil services in India. The recruitment includes different groups such as IPS, IAS, IFS, and many other services. Three major stages of the examination starts with a Preliminary of UPSC, followed by the mains of UPSC and an interview of UPSC including Personality Test. 

Reasons of failure 

Everyone fails at some point in their lives. But as a UPSC aspirant, you can’t afford to fail at the prelims. There are a lot of things that you can do to prepare for the prelims. You might think that you’re doing enough but in reality, these activities will not help much and probably make things worse. Let’s discuss the mistakes and their reasonable solutions to ace the exams. Failure in UPSC mains can hold multiple reasons, such as:

Improper selection of subjects: Initially, it can be the improper selection of optional subjects and the strategy to prepare such subjects and UPSC Mains Practice Questions. The biggest setback will be selecting the wrong optional subject that is low scoring and does not interest you.

Prioritising your time for general studies and optional papers; finish one paper first and then utilise your remaining time for the other. 

Fear and insecurity: Starting preparation with fear and holding much insecurity can be the second cause of failure. You shouldn’t fear or be insecure about anything during your studies. Start your preparation with confidence and ace your exams. 

Lack of proper guidance: There is a lack of proper guidance by the experts that result in failure in the mains of UPSC. Proper guidance plays a crucial role in the life of every upsc aspirants. It won’t be a herculean task to pass the upsc exam if you’ve proper guidance.  

Consistency in studies will get you through the upsc exams. This is something; aspirants ignore the most or are unable to manage time for revision. Inadequate revision has been the most common reason for UPSC aspirants failing the mains. 

It is important to remember that UPSC Mains can be a daunting task for many students. This is why it’s essential to prepare well in advance so that you can feel confident about the examination day.

Peace of mind: Peace of mind is the essence of this journey.

No mock papers: Aspirants do not attempt mock tests or get their writing checked by the experts, which is a flaw in it all. People should spend a lot of time preparing for the mock tests by using sample papers or looking up previous results from other candidates.

Negative approach: This indicates the negative mindset of the aspirants as some of the aspirants are overconfident and others lack confidence. This negative approach acts as a barrier in the way to clearing the UPSC examination. 

How not to repeat it next year?

It is common to make mistakes in upsc exams and it is acceptable. However, repeating the same mistake is not acceptable. Below are the few things that you can do to make sure that you don’t repeat any mistakes in the upsc exams again

• Do not go to multiple sources for preparations. This also affects the time management of aspirants. 

• You must be able to collect all of the necessary course materials for the exam.

• Clear all fears and insecurities regarding failure and continue the journey by avoiding all negative thoughts around you.

• Appear in mock tests and aggrandize your writing practice

Preparation is very important for success. It allows you to set achievable goals and gives you a better chance of achieving them. There are many levels of preparation–from thinking about what you want to do ahead of time, to researching your options and potential outcomes, to actually doing the work.

However, there is no substitute for hard work when it comes to success. It is best to start preparing now and not wait for the last minute. And Legacy IAS Academy is best coaching for UPSC Mains Exam 


For a position in the civil service, which only accepts a small number of candidates each year, thousands of people sit for the UPSC Mains exam every year to get in. Consider your answers carefully, and don’t override one choice for another, which will cost you points.  Ask seniors who have previously taken the exam for advice on the best preparation for the test.

You must be passionate about succeeding. Don’t let the fire die, but keep you cool and calm. As practice makes perfect, continue practising and revisiting the principles until you get sufficient confidence in yourself.

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