Who should I choose when Buying and Selling Crypto on Gate.io

Gate.io works with a number of partners to help you buy and sell cryptos. Here we will break down a number of options you should consider when choosing who to use when purchasing or selling crypto.


Supported Currency and Region

The currency and region supported are very important. The more currencies and regions supported, the more convenient it is for you, which demonstrates how competitive that option is.

Exchange Rate

The Exchange Rate is an important criterion for your choice. When you want to purchase a particular cryptocurrency with fiat, the product must be offered to you at the optimal exchange rate on the market.

Diversity of Payment Methods

The diversity of payment methods is an important part of buying and selling crypto. More payment methods not only mean more choices for you but also cater to you in different regions.

KYC Verification Process

KYC verification is a necessary step for most buying and selling of crypto. The more efficient the KYC is for you to complete, the lower the barrier to entry.

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Supported Currency and Region

Gate.io supports many fiat currencies. For Credit/Debit Card, 80+ fiat currencies and 140+ cryptocurrencies are available to use. For the Bank Transfer method, 18 fiat currencies and 140+ cryptocurrencies are available. Check out the Gate.io crypto exchange now!

Exchange Rate

For each currency, you can always find the optimal exchange rate by choosing a different payment method.

For example, if you are looking to purchase crypto using AUD, you can enjoy the most optimal exchange rate by choosing the Gate Connect channel as the payment method.

Diversity of Payment Methods ✅

Gate.io currently has 8 third-party providers, including Moonpay, Banxa, Mercury, Simplex, Legend Trading, Coinify, Advcash, and pay. Moreover, there is a Gate Connect channel to provide more fiat on/off ramps services.

These 9 payment channels support mainstream fiat currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, BRL, TRY, VND, and CHF, giving you diverse choices for your region and fiat currency.

KYC Verification Process ✅

KYC verification process on Gate.io is safe and convenient to use while Gate.io is continuously improving to create a better user experience and will never stop.

Check the link below for a tutorial on how to obtain KYC verification:



Have you chosen the right fiat service provider for you now? Come and try out our services on Gate.io and enjoy your trip in the crypto world!