What Is The Importance Of Related Literature In Dissertation?


It is very obvious to research a particular topic at the higher education level. In this research work, you are supposed to write a dissertation. It matters a lot to work on a topic that matches your interest in research work. In this way, you will enjoy your work and keep focusing on every new information. In the dissertation, topic selection is your first step, and there are many more aspects that you need to follow as per the writing standard. There are two types of dissertations. The first type is empirical, while the second type is non-empirical. Based on your area of study and topic of the discussion, you need to see which type is best suitable to address. In the same way, the dissertation sections are pre-designed that you have to follow. It includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Analysis and results
  • Conclusion and recommendations

Whatever is the type of dissertation, you cannot skip any of the parts mentioned above. Here related literature review is a part in which you need to collect data relevant to your designed problem. Without finding related literature, you cannot end up with an effective dissertation. Related literature helps you develop a better understanding of your problem and other aspects linked with it. This article aims to discuss the importance of related literature in the dissertation.

What is the Purpose of Related Literature?

A literature review analyses previous work done on a particular topic. It can be from a scholarly article, book or journal. In the literature review, you need to see what has been discovered yet and the research gaps. You have to identify gaps in the literature and then research those gaps. Like the research gap, you can work on open-ended questions asked at the end of any other research.

Also, you need to collect related literature as support to your argument. It works as a foundation for your research work. In the dissertation, you cannot ignore this information at all. Do not assume that the reader is well aware of the circumstances. Even if your discussion problem has viral news daily, you still have to address it in writing.

Another purpose of related literature is to identify the current or future needs based on previous work done. In this situation, you can link all of the three areas. The purpose of finding related literature is to make a logical debate that why there is a need to explore something more and more. Without literature, you cannot address all these aspects at all. You will be left with so much confusion, and it will not let you contribute to the field of research. Therefore, hiring a dissertation writing service UK can solve your many problems.

What is the Importance of Related Literature?

By finding the related literature, you can support your research work. It guides me towards the right path. Otherwise, how can you know that someone has already discussed a particular issue that interests you? It saves the efforts and time that you would spend on duplicate research. If you address the same issue in a particular way as someone has already done, it will not help you make your name as a well-reputed researcher. You can only make a name in the field of research when you come up with something extraordinary. When you find related literature, you get a clear map to follow. It assists you if your topic or problem of research is good to research or not.

Another important thing for finding related literature is that it is really helpful in evaluating different resources critically. It is important to consider related literature to get the base for logical argumentation. Whenever you need to debate on an issue, it is necessary to collect all relevant data. There can be many issues for which you would not be able to find related literature. Yes, this kind of problem does exist, but there would be something indirectly related to your issue.


For example, I recently researched ‘Urban Mobility Pattern Pre, during and Post Pandemic’. In this research, the pandemic was Covid-19. At the time of research, when I started collecting related literature, it wasn’t easy to find it. The reason behind this is there was no Covid-19 pandemic in the past. I searched for all the pandemics and outbreaks that occurred in the past. History has many pandemics, but Covid-19 was not a part of history. So, whatever I collected as related literature was fresh work done by the researcher.

After reading and evaluating the related literature, I learned about research gaps. So I decided to work on those research gaps. No researcher did the physical data collection at that time. All of the collected data was from online sources, but I took high precautions and collected data physically. In this way, the result found at the end of the research was considered the most accurate one. In short, it is related literature that contributes effectively to your knowledge. Apart from all that, it helps you in identifying the methodology. You can see which methodology has worked well for the same topic of discussion.


In dissertation writing, you cannot work effectively without having related literature. It is a vital part of your research. If you do not collect related literature, you have not followed the standards of dissertation writing. At the time of submission, you will be asked to resubmit work that has the research based on literature. So if you want to save your time and efforts, it is necessary to understand the importance of literature.

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