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Trollishly’s Fabulous Tips To Promote Your Podcast On TikTok

What started as a more funny and entertaining app has now become the world’s most downloaded app. TikTok is a short-form video content where niche brands and communities can share valuable information, experience, and ideas or express talents like singing, dancing, etc. One of the recent most listening content is a podcast. A podcast, in general, is audio where you can hear new updates or breakdowns of current events, etc. Most listeners are curious about industry or brand news topics on podcasts. 

Here you need to subscribe to a podcast, and then you can listen until you unsubscribe. As a podcaster, are you wondering how to use TikTok to promote your podcast? TikTok is always an easy app to generate organic leads to content. So it is undoubtedly the best app to promote your podcast. Moreover, to grow your podcast audience, you can try to buy tiktok likes that provide immense benefits and makes your account successful. 

Below, let us go in-depth about how you can do TikTok work for your podcast promotions. Let’s begin! 

Why Should You Consider TikTok For Podcast Promotion?

As TikTok is a platform for younger generations like Gen Z, it is easy to promote and make your podcast viral among the audience. As TikTok has options to create compelling videos, and with its robust algorithm, you can make your podcast reach your target audience. If you understand the platform well, you can progress without a struggle on TikTok. 

As per the TikTok demographic of users, most of them fall under the age of 25. Similarly, most of the podcast listeners fall into the above age group. So there comes a perfect overlap of both the platforms. Then why not promote your podcast on TikTok? Let’s begin with your beautiful podcast journey on TikTok. 

7 Ways To Use TikTok For Podcast Promotion

1. Show Highlights Of Your Podcast Video

As the platform only gives opportunities to provide 15 – 30 seconds video, it is better if you show the sneak peeks during those times. It acts more like a teaser, so it grabs the audience’s attention. You can push your audience to the edges of their seats by creating eagerness with your TikTok videos. They might think about what will be the topic and what a podcaster will discuss. 

2. Show Behind The Scenes Of Your Podcast 

Since podcasts are only audio-related, sharing the behind-the-scenes of your podcast will enable a new dimension to your videos. These videos show more of the humanizing side, and it is funnier to watch for the audience. As the audience are unaware of what’s happening behind the scenes, the video you create will deliver the eagerness among your audience.

3. Use The TikTok Stitch Feature

It is one of the unique features of TikTok, where the original video appears on the side with the stitch videos. For your podcast TikTok account, you can create a video posting a question for your listeners based on the topics for the podcast or relating to the suggestions on the improvisation of your podcast video. It may help you to understand your audience better. So you can improvise on other videos. 

4. Use Hashtags Effectively 

TikTok is not only an app; it also acts as a search engine platform, so the hashtags are more important to make your audience gains traction towards your account. The effective hashtags will help your podcast reach a broader audience base. You can even start up with a hashtag challenge that drives more engagement. If you are a podcaster looking for a solid online presence, you can leverage Trollishly and upbeat your competition. 

5. Focus On A Single Subject Per Video

Do not confuse your audience. Try a single topic where you can explain everything in detail to your audience. A podcast without a proper flow will not be encouraged by the audience. Keep it short and crisp so the audience will gain helpful insight from your videos. 

6. Use Trending Sounds And Trending Formats

Always hop on to the trends. Putting trending audio on your video will make your videos more reachable. Similarly, you shall maintain trending backgrounds and formats in your TikTok video. The filters, style of showing a video, etc., are considered when the video has a higher reach. 

7. Share Tips And Tricks

Whatever your area of expertise, you must have specific tips and tricks to share with the audience. It may also be called hacks. In the case of the podcast, you may share tips on how to complete a smooth podcast without struggling or how you can practice for your podcast effectively, etc., 


TikTok has no sign of decline and greatly emphasizes user-generated content. If podcasters want to build their community online, you can use Trollishly and enhance your profile visibility. Through podcasts, you can create a great relationship with your audience. We hope the article is quite informative! TikTok is one way to grow your podcast, so try that for better growth. Thanks for reading!

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