Top 3 Interesting Facts About Dubai Marina

Living in a community emblazoned with jaw-dropping skyscrapers facing azure-blue water bodies seems like a scene straight from a movie. But that’s no longer the case. Such an urban lifestyle with a calming element of sound water waves can be converted into a reality at Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina is the “Manhattan” of Dubai. A seamless network of roads around a charming marina filled with luxury yachts together makes up this meticulously planned community. Along with the breathtaking landscape, its ultra-modern architecture compels you to scrutinize apartments available for rent at the real estate portal.

If you need more convincing to buy your new home at Dubai Marina, have a look at the interesting facts listed below:

A Magnificent Project

The developers, EMAAR Properties, of Dubai Marina took inspiration from Canada’s False Creek nestled within the city of Vancouver. The creativity of developers urged them to utilize the proximity of the area to the open sea. As a result, they channeled seawater from the Persian Gulf into a large central waterway. Men scooped out the desert sand to create this 8 KM of the beautifully landscaped man-made marina.

Paradise For Shopaholics

The majestic Dubai Marina is home to state-of-the-art shopping malls. To illustrate, you would feel yourself being pulled by an invisible string toward the infamous Dubai Marina Mall. It cocoons a diversified blend of 160 stores, each well-catered with the lively atmosphere of the community.

In addition, the impressive architecture of the stores greet you, leaving you stunned. This mall also takes advantage of its waterfront location through a widespread esplanade and unique circular atrium. It puts the enchanting view of Dubai Marina on full display. Hence, it is a worth-visiting place in Dubai.

Equally important, luxury hotels and excellent resorts serve you with all the world-class amenities you could hope for. There are numerous landscaped waterways where you can steal the delights from strolls, an unparalleled sunset, and a mouth-watering dinner cruise.

Entertainment For Night Lovers

Night at Dubai Marina never sleeps as nightclubs come to life once the sun goes to sleep. Surprisingly, Lady’s Nights are the backbone of Dubai’s nightlife. Most clubs host a Lady’s Night at least once a week. On these nights, selective venues charge women half price for drinks. Others offer a certain number of drinks for free. As a matter of fact, some clubs provide unlimited free drinks to female patrons. But make sure not to have too much to drink if you don’t want to see yourself in hot waters.

The Takeaway

There is no shortage of leisure and recreational activities in Dubai Marina, especially to escape work-related stress. It is a plethora of fun-filled activities that control the strings of lifestyle. To sum up, it provides a perfect work-life balance, offering exceptional experience and a mind-blowing urban lifestyle. Therefore, without wasting a single second, put your plan of shifting home in action. Consider a luxury apartment for rent in Dubai marina as it will welcome you into a world of comfort, excitement and happiness. 

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