Steaming Of Cars

Steaming is cleaning with steam under high pressure. At Xn–, we use the finest equipment in steam – and our “steamer” is the most effective and gentle way to remove mud, dirt, dust, stains and traffic film. In addition, the steam also kills bacteria and viruses – so you can in good conscience let us take care of a complete cleaning of your car – both inside and out.

Environmentally friendly

Our steam method, compared to traditional car washing, is very gentle on the environment. In a traditional car wash with water, anything between 60-200 liters of water is used, depending on how dirty and how big the car is. With our Steamer, 1 liter of water is transformed into 2,000 liters of dry steam. And then steam is MUCH more efficient to clean with, even!

We actually only use approx 3 liters of water for an outside Bilvask and even less inside. So book with a clear conscience and a thought for the environment.

We’re coming to you

With our setup of Steamer, vacuum cleaner, etc., we have the opportunity to come out to you wherever you are (in the area we service). This means you do not have to spend time driving your car to us – and not least stand and wait for us to finish. We come to your workplace, your cottage while you visit your parents or just while you have a “home day”.

Discount scheme

We offer an advantageous scheme where you get your 6th car wash for free. You will receive a cut card the first time we come out, and can so easily keep track of when your next wash is at our expense.

We look forward to servicing you – and not least delivering a clean, shiny and fragrant car back to you!