Sharon DeFlorio – Discover the Secrets to a Successful Career and Life

Everyone wishes to have success in their career and life. However, only a few are able to attain everything they want and be happy in life. Many people believe that they are blessed with a silver platter. However, this is not true. One can make a huge difference to their professional and personal life by just doing a simple thing- investing in their own health and happiness!

Sharon DeFlorio – How can you become a successful person in life and career?

When it comes to the perfect balance of a successful life and career, Sharon DeFlorio from Norwalk, CT, is a shining example. She is a widely popular and successful Business Development Representative. In the past, she worked as an Executive Compensation Analyst at Xerox and was a part of the team that managed the equity and the compensation of the senior-level executives.

Before successfully working with Xerox, she was the Senior Corporate Paralegal at Terex Corporation, where she provided corporate governance and insight for over 100 domestic and global subsidiaries, and was previously the corporate paralegal with Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal located in New York City.

Seeker of unique opportunities

Her secret to success is that she loves to learn new things and consistently seeks unique opportunities for professional growth and development to bring value to the team and generate consistent revenue for the organization. She believes in self-development and only recently completed the extensive Mastering Sales Course at the Northwestern |Kellogg, received her Paralegal Certification from Adelphi University, a certificate for the Center for The Media Arts in Broadcasting and Media, and her Bachelor’s in Science from The John Jay College of Criminal Justice in the USA.

The importance of building relationships at work and home

She is a high-performing professional at work who efficiently manages and builds relationships via business operations with C-suite executives and individuals that have an ultra-high net worth. She is known for her excellent interpersonal skills, and this does go a long way when it comes to nurturing relationships at work and home.

The need to take care of your health daily

Besides all the above, she takes care of her own health daily, is a multi-sport athlete, is passionate about cycling, and swimming, loves half-marathons, and plays tennis.

Her endeavors do not stop here, as she is an avid fundraiser and a devoted philanthropist who supports multiple programs that generate awareness and brings an end to child abuse and neglect, education on multiple sclerosis, and cancer research.

According to Sharon DeFlorio, the simple step of investing in your own health and happiness brings immense wonders to your life. It is true that life has its share of challenges, and sometimes, it is not fair. However, you should never allow these challenges to overshadow your zeal and zest for living. So, it is extremely important for you to focus on yourself. Once you begin doing so, everything falls into place, and you evolve to become a successful professional at work and a great human being at home and in society too!

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