Posture Mistakes That Can Affect Work and Health at the Same Time

So, you are not sitting, right?

Posture matters for people. Particularly those ones who are working at a traditional desk job; sitting for a prolonged period of time can cause serious harm to your overall health.

You may think that poor posture can make your bones a bit damaged and that is right. But poor posture can do a lot of harms to your bodily health and you may have to pay the price for the rest of your life.

Yes, the rest of your life!

Now, you need to look at yourself. Everyone sits at a different position in the workstation. They work for longer periods of time and they receive all the negative effects of the wrong posture over their bodies.

But this post is going to change that.

  • Fix Your Posture with these Techniques Now!

This is one of the most interesting facts you get on the Internet.

Posture improvement can make your overall life happier.

If you are taking out a loan without a guarantor for unemployed for buying an ergonomic chair, then you’re making your posture not only right but your sitting time more comfortable.

This option can help you lead a happier life because the long hours you will keep on sitting in your chair will make you feel good about work, which influences hormonal reactions providing a better life.

Research has found a better sitting posture makes you strong and active during work hours, which provides for a longer life by preventing death.

Here are some of the ways:

  1. Stop Slouching

One of the oddest ways to work, slouching has become almost a habit with people even if a good ergonomic chair is produced.

It is also the case that slouching makes the use of such a chair go completely wrong or inappropriate and you lose the RI for the chair.

Now it is time you need to fix this.

What is slouching? Well, it is that when you lean back to your chair with your feet going downwards. You use your chair more of a leaning armchair sort (when you know it is not) and lean back to ‘enjoy’ your work time.

Although you think that it is improving your posture and giving you a comfortable work time, it can make you sleepy and slow at work. It is also the wrong posture for typing or graphic drawing or other types of work (like photo or video editing), which require a bit of movement.

It also affects your spine greatly and can make permanent damage to it. You may also suffer from Spondylosis.

  1. Use the Wrong Keyboard and Mouse

Although they say that any keyboard and mouse is good for work, we can say they are just good for work.

But they are not good for posture.

You can use a keyboard in different ways by raising the stands in it. Or you can go for using the laptop keyboard too.

Again taking out a loan for the unemployed without a guarantor is okay in this case as you need to invest some money for buying an external keyboard.

If you don’t need it, then it is okay. But still, an external keyboard can make the difference you need.


Well, most laptop keyboards are tightly spaced. It is natural as 15.6″ laptops have to make some space for all those keys. For the smaller size case; many keys have to be sized small and you always do not get keyspace between them. The number pad exists with some keyboards but again they are placed in a small area, making it easier for you to make typos.

Checking e-mails and working with files temporarily is fine with these keyboards. But a full-sized keyboard has other benefits.

If you go for a proper full-sized keyboard, then you can get the privilege of using the mechanical keys that give you the right key travel, which contributes to a satisfying feeling of typing.

Using a wrist pad will also do great.

Often, bending your wrists upward for typing and that too for a really long period of time can make your wrists pain a lot. This can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; a disorder and chronic pain in the wrists from constant typing…

….but in the wrong posture of course!

Wrist pads elevate the wrists at the height of the keyboard and they can your fingers reach out to the keys easily. You can also raise the stands of the external keyboard to get a little more of this ‘reach’.

The mouse should be a regular-sized one.  A bit larger ergonomic mouse can also do great. Just do not go for the fancy and smaller products.

  1. Elbow Height Compromise

Probably you get to see this in 99% of people. The slouchers and the wrong elbow postured persons can have a comparison battle as well since both of them are very common.

The elbow should be at the right angle. And not just that, we need to understand how it works.

Our elbow of ours needs to stay in the straight line of the keyboard surface or the keyboard tray. Your elbow; your forearm and your wrist should not take any bend and stay straight all the way to your fingers. The elbow should be at a right angle with the arm.

A little more than the right angle is still okay for a right posture. But make sure it doesn’t go less than the right angle.

Heighten your chair and adjust your armrests (if you use an armchair) to the exact height of the keyboard’s surface.

  1. Legs Not in the Right Place

For a difference in the coordination of the table and the chair, many people face this problem and we cannot blame them all the time, can we?

If you are using your legs in the wrong position, then it can affect your bones; muscles and most importantly, the blood vessels.

Indirectly your nerves are also affected by the wrong posture at the legs.

That is why you can now explain the reason of numbness in your feet. You can sense it after working for a bit longer like half an hour or so.

This is an indication that you are using your legs in the wrong way while sitting at the desk.

Your legs should be just like your elbows. They should be in a parallel line to the wall. You should neither tangle them at the back nor intertwine them (like you do most of the time) or lean back pushing them forward.

Keep them n a right angle with the chair and your thighs. Make sure the legs reach the floor comfortably. If not, then use an empty box or something like that to elevate your feet.

  • To Conclude

You can easily make the best ideas come to life and work on your job if you are active.

Sitting is also active when you do it in the right ways. You should not compromise your posture because of the things you already have. If money is the issue holding you back; you can always book a loan for unemployed from a direct lender. Use that money to buy an ergonomic chair and table, with adjustable height to help you more with customisation.

Happy working!

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