Not Receiving Google Verification code, How to Fix it?

As a Google account holder, there are different services that you enjoy. You can use your Google account on different devices and browsers very easily. Google is also very concerned about the privacy and safety of their customers and this is why they have provided different ways with which you can log into your account and recover it if you ever forget the password of the account. 

Google’s two-step verification is also a way to secure the Google accounts of the users. This means that you will receive a recovery code for your account when you are trying to log into it from a different device or have forgotten its password but recently there are users who have complained that they are not receiving Google verification code SMS that will help them in getting access to their accounts. 

In this guide, we are going to tell you the methods that you can use to fix this issue and the main reasons for this issue. 

Why are you not receiving the Google Verification code?

There are multiple reasons why people are not receiving their Google verification code. So, if you are also thinking about why google not sending verification code to phone then, here are the main reasons. 

  1. Issues with the device you are requesting code on
  2. Issues with the network connection of your device
  3. Server issues with google

Now, when you are sure about the issue and the reasons, let’s move forward and know the solutions that will help you in fixing this issue on your device. 

Simple Solutions to Fix Google account recovery 

These are the different solutions that you can use when you are not getting the Google account recovery code after you have requested it. You can use any of these methods to resolve your worries and recover your account. 

  • Make sure you are using the synced device

You need to make sure that you are requesting the Google recovery code on the device that is linked with your Google account as you will not get the code on some other device. If you are not sure about the mobile number then, you can also request the code to your email account that is linked with Gmail. 

  • Reset the date and time of your mobile phone

You will also not receive the Google verification code if the date and time of your mobile are not correct hence, you need to make sure that you have set the date and time of your mobile phone according to the Standard time of your country. This is important for the syncing of your android device to receive the code. 

  • Use text instead of voice

If you are entering the Google recovery code with voice texting then, we are sorry to say that it will not work as google only recognizes the texts that are entered by hand. You need to type the Verification code to gain access to your account. If you have received Google verification code without requesting it then, you should not share the code with anyone.

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