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Mountain climbing in Africa can be highly exciting experience

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Mountain climbing is a strenuous physical activity and it requires defying gravity, slippery rocks, uneven trails, steep climbs and varying weather conditions at different levels of hike. If you are a climber and like to further your adventure streak you can add another feather in your cap by opting for mountain climbing trips to Africa where you have two formidable peaks in the form of Mount Kenya, Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Both these mount are distinguished landscapes and have great history behind their existence. You can exclusively book a trip to Africa to try your luck and capture these peaks or make climbing as part of your African safari tours. 

Out of the two you will find Mount Kenya your best bet to achieve some kind of landmark in your climbing career because it has one of the lowest points in the name of Point Lenana, which is less than 5,000 feet. There are a total of three summits in Mount Kenya that you can choose from and they are Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana. If you are starting level climber you may choose Point Lenana as it has fewer obstacles and is quite easy to climb to a point. Mountain climbing in Kenya is best done during January to March and June to October. It is usually in April rainy season starts however weather changing patterns have made it unpredictable. You can climb Mount Kenya all year around and may need assistance from a technical climber. Ascent to these summits may need intermediate level trekking experience or highly technical rock climbing. You can take the services of a guide for the climbs and if you are not adventurous enough you can opt for Point Lenana. Mount Kenya happens to be the most revered deity of the natives and capturing one of its summits will be a hard but an adventurous hike.

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Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is your next adventure and a hard one because it is the tallest peak in all of Africa. It is also the tallest free standing mount in the world and its steepest peak namely Uhuru Point stands at a tremendous 5895 meters which is 19, 341above sea level. Climbing Kilimanjaro is tough because you have to go up at height 4084 feet with 49% less oxygen availability and the descent of 9870 feet. It is hard to cope with when you reach near the summit because it is very cold and you can see snow capping the summit even from a far distance. The summit is also the coldest and the windiest and you have to be at your careful and technical best to fathom the climb. Take an experienced climber with you and use all the safety gear while climbing up and descending.

If you are going on a mountain climbing trip make sure that you are picked up by a proper taxi service at the Jomo Kenyatta International or you could get lost even before you start your adventure trip. Quite a few star hotels including 5-star accommodations are available within half an hour drive from the airport and on the outskirts of capital Nairobi. You can start your mountain climbing on a bright note by booking Airport transfers Nairobi Kenya in advance.  It is important that you don’t waste time on searching for taxis or hotel accommodation at the last moment, because you could lose peace and money. You can opt for Ashford Tours & Travels, licensed Kenya, and Tanzania tour operator based in Nairobi and book tours and transport using phone numbers +254 20 3341101, +254 20 3341102, +254 20 3341103 or +254 20 3341104.

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