MBA vs PGDM Courses: Which Course is Better for Management Education?

With the rise in the IT sector and corporate culture, maximum students choose management programs. However, Indian students usually get confused with PGDM vs. MBA when taking a management course. It ends up in perplexity in selecting courses. While the course program is nearly the same for both programs, key differences can help you decide which is best for you.

Those who aren’t conscious of the difference may find themselves in chaos. Both MBA and PGDM are postgraduate programs. Here MBA is – Master of Business Administration, and PGDM is – Post Graduate Diploma in Management. However, PGDM has commonly considered a lower running program than MBA because of the word” diploma.” However, this is an incorrect assumption as they both have their pros and cons.

We guide you on which course is best for management education. Is it an MBA? Or is it PGDM? Read the full article.

What is an MBA? 

MBA – Master of Business Administration is a management program offered by most management colleges and universities across the planet. 

This program can be conducted by only recognized institutions affiliated with acknowledged universities in Business Administration. 

What is PGDM?

PGDM – This is a diploma course offered by autonomous institutes. All India Council for Technical Education approved colleges to offer PGDM courses.

Difference between PGDM and MBA

  • The PGDM course is run by institutions responsible for choosing students, designing course programs, coaching them, evaluating them, and placing them. While in MBA, the course is designed by universities and taught by its affiliating colleges. Here is the gap! Students begin learning an MBA course like an MA in history with the main focus of passing the program.

Also, the universities don’t change their syllabus for many years. MBA students during job interviews find it challenging to answer the questions because the interviewers usually ask the questions about the newest trends. While the PGDM, a single-window program, makes the student better skilled and updated with the latest market trends.

  • MBA is more theoretical, whereas PGDM is more practical-based. It additionally offers an edge to PGDM students during job interviews.
  • App 500 B colleges offer PGDM whereas MBA by 5500 universities and colleges. Less supply of PGDM creates additional demand for them.
  • PGDM is generally offered by stand-alone institutions, suggesting that they provide just one program, so they are focused. In contrast, MBA is provided by universities and colleges offering tons of other courses, diverting the focus among so many courses.

Which is best, PGDM or MBA?

We have provided all the differences between PGDM and MBA. Now it’s your turn to select which is appropriate for you!

Some points while selecting any of those programs are:

1. Compare fee structure between PGDM vs. MBA. Both PGDM and MBA are kind of costly. While MBA is of 2 years duration and costlier, PGDM is comparatively less costly.

2. Compare the program: PGDM is more centered on practical knowledge, whereas MBA focuses on theoretical ideas of management.

3. India and international job context: In terms of job, there’s no difference between MBA and PGDM if one comes from an acknowledged institution.

4. Academic Context: If one desires to continue with higher studies by going for a Ph.D., preference is usually given to a candidate with an MBA degree. 


Therefore, if somebody isn’t looking for higher studies, there’s no difference between an MBA and a PGDM. 

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