Leh Ladakh Bike Tour: Things to Remember


When you go to a place like Ladakh, your packing should be comprehensive and precise. ensure not to miss essential items and also not burden yourself with way too many bags. In short, what you pack should be conclusive of all but only essential things. It is because you will be gone for several days to an area known for its harsh weather and challenging terrain. A place where even some of the basic facilities like ATM, mobile connectivity, mechanics, fuel stations, eateries, and accommodation are still scarce.

It becomes even more important when you are traveling with family or kids. Do not miss a necessary item because it may become difficult to find. At the same time, you cannot be taking way too many bags because that is just inconvenient to carry.

Some things to remember during your Leh Ladakh tour

Ladakh Climate

Ladakh occupies a great part of the high-altitude mountain ranges of the Himalayas in India. A cold desert-type climate prevails throughout the year. important Leh Ladakh travel tips to bear in mind is that there is cold wind throughout the day and night in this region, the cold weather even with warm clothes must be avoided in the Ladakh trip during the winter of November to March. The weather is extreme as it reaches below freezing point. One should carry sweaters and warm jackets in all seasons here. It is advised to visit during the dry season, which is from April to June. sunshine and heat during the day. The summer season is the best time to travel. You can explore the glaciers, the Indus River, trekking in its mountain passes and valleys. 

Tourist Accommodation In Ladakh

March to June is the peak tourist season it’s difficult to find accommodation if you come here and search, it has very few lodging facilities. Most budget-friendly hotels are in Leh. The non peak seasons are snowy. The night temperature drops below the minus degree Celsius. If you do not get accommodation, you will be in trouble staying in your SUV with warm clothing or with a bonfire. get a room where you can see mountain views from the balcony or through the windows.

Things To Carry

  • Move/Iodex
  • Dettol/ Savlon
  • Headache Medicine
  • Dizziness and body pain Medicine
  • Disprin/Aspirin
  • Band-Aids
  • Medicine for lack of oxygen
  • Imodium
  • Diamox
  • Stomach ache medicine

Wearable Items

For protection from sun and UV-rays:

  • Goggles
  • Sunscreen Lotion with high SPF(30 or above)
  • Mustard Oil 
  • Lip Balm
  • Gloves for bikers
  • Muffler or scarfs
  • Caps or hats
  • Water and Windproof jacket

Some Other Important Stuffs

  • Carry your ID card and some photocopies 
  • Medical Insurance (if any)
  • Map of Ladakh and surrounding places too
  • Important contacts on paper as phone batteries may die there quickly.
  • Chargers of your phone or a portable charger
  • Extra batteries
  • 3 socket Belkin surge Protector 
  • Carry enough cash so that we would not end up in wasting time in front of an ATM 
  • Your travel agent’s contact details.

Bike Essentials

  • A good helmet with an unscratched visor
  • Protective Gear
  • Jacket with inner Elbow Guards
  • Pants with Inner Knee Guards
  • Riding Boots
  • Biking Gloves
  • Riding Goggles
  • Luggage Net
  • Extra Bike Key

Spare Parts and Tools

A basic understanding of your bike and fixing minor issues come in handy when traveling across places like Leh. It is very difficult to find a mechanic. Even if you find someone, they might not have the parts for your Model.

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Go to your nearest mechanic and let him suggest the parts you should carry. here is a list of things for a Bike trip:

  • Nylon Rope
  • Bungee Cord
  • Clutch and Accelerator wire
  • Chain Locks
  • Extra Spark Plug
  • Puncture Repair Kit
  • Chain Locks
  • Chain Spray
  • Engine Oil
  • Fuse
  • Electrical Tape and M Seal
  • Funnel to pour fuel
  • Brake and Clutch Lever
  • Swiss Knife

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Tool Kit And Spare Parts For Car

On your Ladakh trip, you will be traveling in very remote and inaccessible areas, where help might not be available. fix the basic problems in your car like – puncture repair, battery problems

Here is the what to carry when traveling by car-

  • Jack and Spanner
  • Air Compressor
  • Foot pump
  • Puncture Repair Kit
  • Spare Tyre
  • Spare Tube
  • Stepney
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Jump Start Cables
  • Spare Headlight Bulbs
  • Coolant & Engine Oil
  • Spare Clutch Cable and Accelerator Cable
  • Spare Fuses

Other Vehicle Essentials

  • Fuel Pipe
  • Funnel to transfer Fuel
  • Cloth /filter to remove any impurities
  • Electrical Tape
  • Fevi Quick 
  • MSeal
  • Windshield Cleaner
  • Cloth/ Newspaper to clean the windshield
  • Swiss Knife 
  • Some Nuts and Bolts
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Extra Car Keys
  • Extra Fuel
  • Eatables and Water