Is the United Kingdom Best Choice for MBBS?

MBBS is one of the most sought-after courses for Indian students after 12th grade. In the last two decades, the option of continuing MBBS abroad has also become popular. Here we talk about medical education, in particular, the MBBS in the UK – eligibility, costs, required exams, how to apply, the best universities, and career prospects.

Why Study Medicine/MBBS in the UK?

Studying medicine in the UK has always attracted international students, especially from India. Unlike many other countries, most UK medical programs are in tandem with the Indian medical education system. By the way, it is equally important to know that medical courses are one of the most competitive and expensive courses in the UK. One of the reasons for this is that most medical schools not only offer a theoretical degree but also have a strong connection with local hospitals, and medical and health centers.

In addition to the excellent academic degree of degree, students will have hands-on experience in the medical field, which is invaluable in locating. In addition, almost all medical schools in the UK offer scholarships to academically brilliant students, which is another reason why it is a popular course among Indian students.

Postgraduate Courses in Medicine in the UK

In the UK, a postgraduate medical degree is usually award for two years. If you have completed a bachelor’s degree in a country outside the UK, EEA, or Switzerland, you will need to take the PLAB test. This test is design to test whether doctors with qualifications abroad have the right knowledge and skills for medical practice in the UK. In addition, some universities classify degrees such as MBBS / BSc Medicine or MBChB. These differences in names are mainly due to historical traditions, as a result of which bachelors of medicine, and bachelors of surgery are abbreviated in different ways. Levels themselves are equivalent qualifications.

Application Process for MBBS in the UK

Applications are accept through UCAS and have a deadline of October 15 before the session begins. Application documents usually consist of a Grade 10 assessment sheet, predicted scores, recommendations, a statement of purpose, and any relevant work experience. In most cases, selected candidates will have to go for an interview.

Eligibility to Study Medicine (MBBS) in the UK

Entrance requirements typically consist of five GCSEs in grades A * or A, including English and maths, and at least a B level in science. You must also have at least three A degrees in AAA or AAB classes in chemistry, biology, physics, or mathematics, as well as other academic subjects. English language tests are also compulsory for most universities.

The best universities for Indian students (CBSE or ISC) typically require at least 90-95% in addition to UK entrance tests and NEETs. For internal undergraduate (IB) students, a total of 37-39 points (including core scores) at least 766 points at the highest level and 6/7 points in biology and chemistry are needed.

Scholarships and Costs to Study MBBS in the UK

Due to its specialized nature and high content of practical training, medical courses in the UK are among the most expensive courses to pursue. Depending on the university’s ranking and the opportunities it offers, tuition fees for international students will range from 28,000 GBP to 40,000 GBP per year. This is compounded in many ways by the cost of living, which depends on the location of the university and whether it is a campus or a city institution.

Only a few universities offer financial aid and scholarships for medical courses, and they are usually based on academic excellence. For example, Hull York Medical School awards an International Scholarship of 25 percent of the tuition fee abroad for each year of successful study in UK in the first two years of the MBBS course.

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