Is Chess the King of Games? Find Out Here

Chess is a competitive board game played by two players at a time. Each of the two players begins the game with 16 pieces. The most powerful among them is the queen, and the least powerful is the pawn. The main aim of any player is to checkmate the opponent’s king by placing the respected pieces in a place where the escape of the opponent’s king is impossible. Alternatively, the game can get over if one of the two players resigns. The 8×8 board game has 64 square boxes arranged in a checkered manner of alternative black and white color boxes. The game of chess is played by millions of people from all around the globe.

With the help of advanced technologies, chess has made its appearance even stronger by appearing on several online platforms. On a local level, chess is played indoors with family and friends. Similarly, on a professional level, chess is played between two players during chess tournaments and contests. Whereas the introduction of chess online has made it the favorite board game among millions of people in a short time. The pandemic is one of the main reasons for chess to gain rapid popularity.

Thanks to gaming and app developers for adding new features on how to download and learn more about the rules of playing chess online. Newcomers who do not have the proper knowledge to Play chess game  online have gained an in-depth understanding of the game by checking out the appropriate rules before playing the game and executing accordingly. For now, let us know more about why chess has become the king of games over the past few years.

  • Great Gameplay

Few games with high graphic resolution but an awful storyline prove to be a failure when it comes to gaming. Therefore, good gameplay is essential for the user to interact perfectly with the gaming interface. The technical factors of a game increase the value, and chess has all the characteristics to compete with other online games and still prove to be on top. There is no use of unfair means to win the game of chess online because it has been designed in a particular way to terminate players with illegal moves. Also, a player during a chess match has to take care of the clock ticking, which helps the player indulge in the game with total concentration.

  • Play Every New Game with Different Tactics

According to, when both the players complete two moves each, there are around 197,821 different possibilities of actions to play at one time. Therefore chess is a game of repeatability and possibility because a player would never repeat the same move in another match. After all, one has the chance to develop a new strategy in every new game. The game’s balance is unexpectedly perfect because the player will not have to navigate to a moment of chaos every time while starting a new game.

  • Learning from Mistakes from the Previous Game

Playing every chess game will benefit the player’s all-around ability to get faster with the moves, more decisive brain actions, and sharper thinking. The skills learned while playing chess can be transferred to other aspects of real-life problems. If a player somehow makes a mistake while playing a game, he becomes more attentive while playing the next match and avoids making the same mistake as before.

  • Visually Appealing

 You should not compare the chess game visually with other high-resolution games regarding 3D effects and different graphic interfaces of gameplay. The appreciation of the board game should be done with a free mind as a person should take time out and stare at the authentic beauty of the game and appealing chess pieces, each designated with different roles. It would be impossible for a person not to fall in love with the game’s elegance.

  • Bring People Together on a Social Level

People of every age group can play chess. A young boy during his teenage period could play chess to increase his ability to predict and make quick decisions, whereas an adult can play the game to bring peace and freshen the mind by taking a break from the daily workload routine. Therefore, due to the launch of the board game over online platforms, people from different corners of the world can connect and compete with each other. Also, while playing the game indoors, family and friends could gather alongside to enjoy and have a fun time together.

  • Increases IQ

A study in Venezuela showed that a group of 400 hundred young children consisting of boys and girls had an increased IQ level after playing regular chess for four months. Therefore, it is a total myth that brainy or genius people are capable of playing chess because a famous saying that “practice makes a man perfect” indicates that a person who plays regular chess can have an excellent IQ level than any other ordinary human who is not into mind games.

In short, playing chess can also benefit health by increasing consciousness while participating in a competition. The ability to think of an optimal strategy to play the board game also increases. The hobby of playing chess can be productive as it helps earn respect from others when it comes to making quick decisions in difficult situations. The critical thinking ability of a person enhances as it helps to predict favorable future outcomes during immediate action. Chess is readily available over online platforms with additional exciting prizes and different gameplay modes, making it the favorite board game on a global level.

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