How to Hire Packers and Movers in Pune for Intercity House Shifting?

Are you planning to shift your house from Pune to some other city in India? Are you looking for the reliable packers and movers company in Pune? There are a lot of packers and movers in Pune to choose from; but the real deal is to choose a moving company in Pune that is certified, efficient, and experienced in this field. You can contact Moving Solutions to find you the most suitable packers and movers according to your budget and preferences. 

House shifting is a very meticulous and tedious process. It is equally tiring whether you are shifting alone or with your family. There are a lot of things that you need to ponder about before starting the house shifting process. You need to execute an extensive plan involving ample managerial and decisive skills. The implementation of the entire house shifting process takes place according to the efficacy of the planning phase.

The following hacks will make your house shifting in Pune a swift and smooth experience:

Hire Packers and Movers in Pune

While conducting an intercity house shifting in Pune, you need to prepare in advance. You need to plan and accordingly manage things by supervising the entire process. It is not a wise decision to conduct an elaborate activity like house shifting on your own. Seek professional help. Hire a team of packers and movers in Pune to make this arduous process an easy one.

Make a checklist

Making a checklist is the first step to making a house shifting successful. Make a detailed list of all the items that you want to move with you to your new home. This will help you to estimate the number of boxes that you might need to pack your belongings. Go through the packers and movers cost calculator tool to find out some rough idea about the expenses. Moreover, the packers and movers in Pune will also be able to send across an accurate quotation on the labour costs for the entire house shifting process.


De-clutter your house. According to the checklist, you can separate the essential items from the unnecessary items. Carry only the essential items to your new house and get rid of the unnecessary items. Sell the old furniture or defunct appliances. Donate old books, toys, clothes, and shoes to a nearby NGO or orphanage for a good cause. Discard the rest of the junk items that are damaged or broken. This is how you should steer clear of the clutter and keep your move lightweight. The lesser the number of boxes, the lesser will be the labour costs for movers and packers in Pune.

Protect the Valuable Belongings

House shifting is a chaotic activity and you may lose your patience if you don’t find the important things in their usual places. So, it is better to separate them and store them safely in a distinct bag and keep it in a particular place under your supervision. Precious pieces of jewellery, expensive watches and electronic gadgets, and personal, legal, educational, and identity proof documents are some of the things which are of immense value to us. Do this before the packers and movers in Pune arrive at your place and do not discuss this particular bag with them. Carry it in your personal vehicle as you shift from Pune. 

Get Moving insurance

As you shift from Pune to some other city, there is a chance that your belongings get damaged or lost. To defer such risks, get moving insurance while booking packers and movers services in Pune. Moving insurance assures the safety and security of your belongings on the move. In case of loss or damage of any of your belongings, it is their responsibility to pay rightful compensation against the damaged or lost belongings.

Dealing with the utility services

During intercity house shifting, you should know the right way to deal with the utility services. Utility services are those basic services that are essential in our daily lives like water connection, gas connection, electricity connection, DTH connection, etc. Remember to terminate the services in your present home and again redeem the same in the new house after shifting your house. The Packers and movers in Pune do not have any role in this regard and you have to do this on your own.

Warehouse Facility

If you are shifting from Pune to another city, there is a greater scale of uncertainty rather than while shifting within the city. There are times when you won’t be able to move into your new house due to some remaining last-minute construction work. In this situation, it is more likely for you to put up in a hotel in the new city. Your belongings will remain safe in a warehouse facility provided by the packers and movers in Pune. The warehouses are all under wide-ranging CCTV surveillance to guarantee the safety of your belongings.

Your call After All

House shifting is not an easy process and it needs more than enough planning and decisive skills. You need to be very tactful about the planning and managing part. The packers and movers in Pune will carry out the execution process according to the efficacy of your planning, preferences, and your instructions.

Do some online research to get information about the best movers and packers in Pune. Read the reviews of the previous experiences of other customers to get a clear idea of their services. Otherwise, you can directly contact Moving Solutions for the same. Our executives are very accommodating and will guide you through the entire process of house shifting. They can find you the best-suited packers and movers in Pune according to your preferences and budget and in your nearby area.

The packers and movers in Pune charges will be according to the number of boxes you want to move and also on the distance of your shifting. Now that you already got to know quite a bit about your intercity house shifting process and how the packers and movers in Pune will make it expedient for you, we wish you a very happy house shifting!

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