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How to develop greener classrooms

Importance of maintaining sustainability in classrooms

Sustainability in education is considered to be an important step that needs to be undertaken by every individual so that it becomes possible to maintain a green environment around us. In the last few years as more and more concerns have increased regarding how the environment is being negatively affected by our actions, it is now becoming more important than ever to students towards being aware about how to preserve the environment.

In the era of online education it is now possible to easily make students aware about the maintenance of biodiversity through the help of online courses platform, There are several online courses that can be undertaken by students where they can be made aware by the educators regarding the maintenance of sustainability.

It is the responsibility of every educational institution to teach the students about the importance of maintaining a greener environment. The first step should always be taken by preserving the environment in the homes of the students as well as maintaining a greener classroom both online and offline. 

Ways to develop greener classrooms

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In the given section an outline has been provided regarding how students can work towards the maintenance of a green environment in their classrooms both online and offline.

  1. The development of Green Clubs: One of the first steps that can be undertaken by the teachers is encouraging students to develop green clubs where each week will consist of a new initiative that will help in the preservation of the environment. Through the start of these clubs it will be possible To push the student to gaining a better understanding about how their environment can be preserved. The green clubs will also consist of teaching students about the importance of maintaining biodiversity along with helping in the development of strategies that can push towards planting new trees in the area around them.
  2. Hold green school initiatives: Students can also work towards developing Green School initiatives that will include the participation of students in the development of green and environments. This can include planting new trees and saplings around them, as well as developing projects on gardening or other associated factors. In the case of online classes The Green School initiatives include asking the students to plant a sapling and notice their growth over a certain period of time and then writing a project on the same. in this way it will be possible to increase the Awareness of the students regarding how the environment can be preserved around them. 
  3. Educating students about the importance of renewable energy sources: Educating the students regarding how the environment can provide them with better support if they are the most important task that the teachers need to undertake. This can include making use of audio and visual initiatives by the teachers by showing them the impact of deforestation on the environment and how afforestation can provide them with better support. Educating students can also be conducted by including Environmental education in their curriculum where they will be taught about the importance of maintaining sustainability in the environment followed by providing students with tasks to achieve this same objective on their own. For example, once the students are taught about the importance of planting trees the teachers can ask them to plant indoor plants in the house thereby showcasing to them the positive impact of developing a greener environment. 


It can therefore be concluded that maintaining a sustainable environment should always start by providing education to the students regarding the importance of maintaining the same. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that they are effectively working towards getting a better understanding of how the environment can help them lead a better life.

Educators and educational institutions should also work towards implementing Environmental education in their study curriculum so that it becomes an essential part of the students life that they are taught about the importance of maintaining sustainability and preserving the environment.

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