How to Change Your Instagram Password?

Instagram, a popular photo-sharing network, maintains an abundance of personal information. Thus, it’s essential to maintain it secure high quality Instagram Views. One way to do so is by constantly changing the Instagram password.

A few things are more irritating as forgetting your login credentials. And few things are as unsettling as a possible account hack. Fortunately, changing or resetting your Instagram password is a basic process.

Keeping online sites and services, especially social media accounts, secure requires attention. If your IG password is weak, copied on other sites, or compromised in a hack or data breach, it’s time to change it.

Instagram password resets are simple to perform from a smartphone or computer. Changing your password on Instagram won’t work if you’re logged in via Facebook; you need to do it on Facebook.

Using your email, phone number, or Facebook account, you can reset your password if you forget it. If you can’t reset your password in this manner, visit the IG app for further assistance.

Before we begin

Use a strong, difficult-to-guess password. Use at least six digits, punctuation marks, or letters. To propose a lengthy, complex password, You can use:

  1. iCloud Keychain
  2. Third-party password manager 
  • How to change your IG password on your iOS or Android device
  • How to change your IG password through the desktop site
  • They do you change your IG password if you’re already signed in?
  • We to reset a forgotten Instagram password
  • Instagram app for Android:
  • Instagram app for iPhone:
  • On the desktop site:
  • Enable Instagram’s two-step verification.
  • Conclusion

How to change your IG password on your iOS or Android device:

  • Launch the Instagram application, navigate to your profile, and hit the hamburger icon (3 short lines) in the upper right corner.
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Security”  “Password.”
  • Type your new and old passwords.
  • Finally, click “Save.”

Why to change your IG password through the desktop site:

  • Browse on your Mac or PC and, if necessary, log in.
  • Navigate to your profile and hit the gear icon beside Edit Profile.
  • Click Change Password.
  • Type your old and selected new password.
  • Now, tap “Change Password.”

How do you change your IG password if you’re already signed in?

  • Click “Settings” from the menu icon at your IG profile page’s top right corner. 
  • Proceed to “Security” 
  • Choose “password.” You will be required to enter both your current and new passwords.

How to reset a forgotten Instagram password:

To reset your IG password, launch the Instagram app. From then on:

Instagram app for Android:

  • Click Get help logging in beneath the Log in button on the login screen.
  • Type your name, email id, or contact number, or select Facebook Login.
  • Click Next and adhere to the on-screen prompts.
  • You’ll get details on how to reset your IG password.

Instagram app for iPhone:

  •  Click “Forgotten password” on the login screen above login.
  • Select either Username or Contact number.
  • Click “Next” after entering your email address, username, or contact number.
  • You’ll receive details on how to reset your IG password.

 On the desktop site:

  • Open Instagram in a web browser and hit “forgot password?” on the login page.
  • Type your email, contact number, or username, and then hit Send Login Link.
  • You will receive mail holding instructions on how to reset your IG password.

The preceding steps demonstrated how to reset or change the Instagram password. However, using two-factor authentication will further increase security. This ensures that even if someone learns about your password or gets it via a data breach, they can’t access your IG without the 2F verification code.

Enable Instagram’s two-step verification.

Before beginning: 

Install the Google Authenticator application or one of its competitors.

  1. Launch “Instagram” 
  2. Navigate to your profile 
  3. Tap the “hamburger icon”.
  4. Tap “Settings” 
  5. Click “Security Two-Factor Authentication”
  6. Get Started to initiate two-factor authentication.

After that, you can enable 2FA via SMS messages for extra verification.

Instagram two-factor authentication can also be configured through a PC. To do so, 

  • click your “profile image”, followed by “Settings”, “Privacy and Security”, and then “Edit 2FA Authentication Setting”. 
  • Now, click “Text Message” to activate 2FA.

Once 2FA is enabled, you’ll need to input a one-time code when logging in from a new, untrustworthy device.

This is how to modify, reset, and improve your Instagram account.

The following items are essential for IG password recovery:

  1. recovery email, 
  2. phone number, or 
  3. Facebook account associated with your account.

The Instagram Help Center page states: 

“Unfortunately, if you can’t access the email account you registered with and didn’t link IG and Fb, we can’t help you.”

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