Factors to note while selecting a heart surgery hospital in India

In this day and age, every aspect of human life is changing. It includes food habits, sleeping patterns, work-life balance, and other factors. People are constantly on the move trying to achieve their best. However, owing to all this hustle, there has been a significant rise in health issues, with the most prominent among these being heart-related illnesses. 

Undergoing cardiac surgery stresses the patient’s body and mind. The procedures can be extremely strenuous for the patient and thus demand nothing but the best treatment and care. Finding the best heart surgery hospital in India should be carefully considered based on the patient’s requirements. Let us look at the factors that need to be kept in mind while making this choice. 

  1. Expertise

Heart surgery is a complex and risky procedure. There can be a whole range of unforeseen challenges during the procedure. In the case of open-heart surgeries, there can be issues like excessive blood loss, damage to valves and tissues, blood clot, post-surgery infection, etc. Being able to address these issues on the spot demand expert surgeons. It is paramount to ensure that the practitioners have the experience, specialization, and credibility under their belt before starting treatment.

  1. Infrastructure

Scissors, forceps, clamps, nerve hooks, dissectors, needle holders, and sutures are some of the basic things required in any surgery. As such, they are available in every hospital across the nation. However, heart surgery requires specific surgical instruments and items. In open-heart surgery, items like an Atherectomy device, Vascular closure device, IVUS, FFR, etc., might be needed. On the other hand, for closed heart and minimally invasive procedures, robot-assisted surgery is the preferred approach. However, such top-notch devices are available in only a handful of hospitals. Therefore, make sure to conduct a quick background check of the available infrastructure to receive the best treatment possible.

  1. Nursing and patient care

We cannot undermine the importance of proper nursing in successful treatment. A doctor cannot monitor every patient 24 hours a day. It is where nurses and caregivers come into play. In the case of heart surgery patients, nurses are trained to monitor vitals and pulmonary status and conduct hourly assessments. They keep an eye out for any adverse effects of anesthesia and postoperative complications. Apart from all these, competent caregiving can help in speedy recovery both physically and mentally. Therefore, before choosing a hospital for heart surgery, one should conduct a review of the available nursing facility.

  1. Opportunity for clinical trials

With a rise in the incidence of heart disease, there is also a steady increase in modern medicine and new avenues of treatment. One such aspect is the concept of clinical trials. It has helped innumerable people in cases where age-old treatments have not worked. Moreover, in these cases, patients receive more frequent check-ups and the opportunity for active participation in the process. Patients with a life-threatening heart ailment can choose the best heart surgery hospital in India based on their ongoing clinical trials.

  1. Fellowship programs

Looking for a hospital for heart surgery can be quite a stressful job. Nevertheless, there is one factor that can make things a little easier. A fellowship program in Clinical Cardiology is basically for doctors to communicate with others in the field for the latest treatment updates. This, in turn, allows patients the opportunity to consult with multiple experts before finalizing and proceeding with a particular line of treatment. 

  1. A rehabilitation program

Suffering from a heart attack or any other form of heart disease can take quite a toll on a person. It can change a person’s eating habits, lifestyle, and mental health. Not just that, undergoing heart surgery requires serious post-operative care and restrictions. These may include maintaining a heart-healthy diet, regular exercise, sleep regimen, giving up smoking and other forms of addiction, etc. Thus, for all these reasons, it is necessary to be certain that the hospital can provide a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. It is an outpatient program for recovering cardiac patients. It focuses on medical evaluation, physical therapy, and social support activities. Studies have proven that this sort of rehabilitation program can reduce the risk of future heart-related ailments by a large percentage.

  1. The cost

Heart surgery can be a costly affair. The procedures, medication, pre-op path lab tests, and post-operative care together can cost a lot of money. Keeping this in mind, it is best to determine the approximate charges before finalizing a hospital for surgery. This tactic can also help patients compare various healthcare facilities and choose one according to their budget. 


Every hospital strives to provide the best facilities and care to its patients. Nonetheless, we must ensure that specific demands of the treatment procedure are met. We should consider the above-mentioned factors to zero in on the best heart surgery hospital in India.