Erase fat and regain contours with non-invasive Lipomassage treatment

Cellulite is a form of fat which is solid and not easily done away with the usual form of exercises and dietary plans. Cellulite is fat lodged between the dermis or upper skin and connective tissues that keep muscles in place. This is a different type of fat which forms protrusions or dimples on your skin and make your arms, legs, hips, buttocks and abdominal areas gross and ugly. The dimpled flesh engineered by cellulite is hard to get rid of and will need a well planned cellulite removal treatment Toronto administered by a well trained dermatologist or esthetician. 

Why does cellulite happen to people?

There are several reasons you can attribute for cellulite formation and they would include

  • Gluttonous Eating or Binge eating
  • Irregular and multiple eating schedules
  • Eating food high on fat and cholesterol
  • Digging in to junk food and oily foods 
  • Not undertaking activities that include walking, jogging, running or manual work
  • Sedentary and undisciplined lifestyle
  • Weight gained after childbirth
  • Hereditary 

Overall it is a fat type which is accumulated over years and without making any attempt to curb unhealthy eating. The resultant cellulite or dimpled fat make body look ugly and may even prevent you from wearing clothes that now have become smaller owing to the excessive fat. Cellulite on the other hand is harmless but if you are body aware and want to look toned and beautiful in parties then you may have to opt for a cellulite removing treatment such as Lipomassage treatment

What is Lipomassage?

Lipomassage is a special kind of massage which is especially designed to remove the stubborn cellulite in the most natural way possible. It does not involve eating pills, needle pricks or cutting with scalpel or any kind of invasion inside your body. Lipomassage is a natural fat erasing treatment which uses technologically advanced massage rollers that can perform different motions and actions such as clenching fat saturated flesh, kneading and crushing and finally flattening the fat so it is drained naturally. The rollers are able to do the both up and down rolling movement, clenching cellulite and crushing it with a firm but pleasant manner. The flattened fat is then consumed as energy by your body and it leaves you with well toned muscles, smooth and even skin, and regained body contours. It has hardly any side effects except reddening of skin and slight bruising if the skin is sensitive. They disappear in a day or two and you will be of your normal self from then on. It may need more than one session to remove cellulite and the duration or number of sessions will depend on what you have accumulated on your body over the years. 

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