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Do not miss the opportunity to visit Nairobi Crocodile Farms in your African Safari

crocodile Farm Nairobi

An African safari is highly enjoyable because of the diverse nature of the continent and its wildlife population. Kenya, Africa is the home for the African big 5 mammals namely African Lions, Leopard, Rhinoceros,  Cape Buffalo, and African Elephants and they are seen abundantly in the Kenyan Savannah grasslands. When we talk about the amazing Big-5 you cannot ignore the Nile Crocodiles, the giant-sized crocodiles being reared in crocodile Farm Nairobi. These are extremely dangerous crawlers that can be swift and uncanny while captivating a victim. Here the crocodile farms are established for another purpose that is to harvest crocodile meat and export them. This is a rare business farm that is not seen in other parts of the world. You can visit the farms near Nairobi and learn the entire process of exporting crocodile meat to countries like china, japan, and the Gulf countries. People who have eaten crocodile meat vouch for its chicken-like taste and that is the reason croc meat is well sought after by the above regions. 

 It is a thriving industry that employs hundreds of people and earns foreign exchange for Kenya. The Kenya wildlife safari tours are booked by people coming from colder Europe for two reasons, it is relatively warm in Africa, and second, the scenery and wildlife varieties are totally alien to the tourists and they may never see spectacles like “The Great Migration” by wildebeests. A reported 2 million wildebeests cross over to Kenya from Tanzania and the exodus starts from Serengeti, Tanzania, and ends at the richest games reserve the “Masai Mara”. Your African safari tours are not complete without seeing these two above-mentioned tourist attractions as they are one of a kind.

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