Coopers DIY Beer Kit Step by Step Tutorial

If you want to brew fresh beer yourself, buy Coopers beer kits!

This is a simple and convenient kit, with which you can homebrew at least 6 gallons of delicious beer.

Stay tuned, if you want to know about all the nuances of this process.

Brewing Beer With Coopers Beer Kit Instructions

Before you start brewing beer, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and ingredients. To do this, your Coopers beer kits must be:

  1. One 6-gallon fermenter;
  2. Special brewing thermometer;
  3. 30 PET bottles and caps;
  4. Carbonation drops;
  5. Mixing spoon;
  6. Brand hydrometer;
  7. Measuring flask;
  8. Brew enhancer;
  9. A pack of brewing extract and yeast;
  10.  Brewing instructions.

Is everything in stock? Now we can start!

  • Getting ready to work

Get the contents of the kit out of the box and select the recipe you wish to use for brewing beer.

Then prepare the equipment – disinfect it with any household odorless bleach.

  • Mixing Components

Add 2 liters of water to the fermentation vessel and all dry ingredients. Open the beer can with a can opener and pour the contents into the fermenter.

Mix all ingredients carefully and then add water up to 20 liters mark. Stir again and check the temperature of the liquid. It should be in the range of 21 to 27 C. To achieve this temperature, add more cold or hot water (depending on what the initial temperature of the product is).

You can add no more than 3 liters, up to the 23 liters mark.

  • Adding yeast

First, place the yeast on the Krausen collar and distribute it evenly over the surface. Do not forget to measure the density of the drink.

  • Fermenting beer

Make sure that the product is in the required temperature range (see the instructions for your chosen recipe). Make sure that the temperature is kept constant at the required level.

During the fermentation process, do not forget to measure the specific weight of the alcoholic beverage. Beer is considered ready for dispensing when its specific density remains stable for two days.

  • Dispensing the finished product

Install the snap tap: insert it into the valve and turn the tap on to full capacity.  

After filling the bottle, add 2 carbonation drops per bottle and then tighten the cap on the bottle.

Wait two more weeks for the secondary fermentation of beer.

Your product is ready!

To help you understand how to use Coopers beer kits, please contact the representatives of the popular Canadian company Beverage Craft.

The brand has long been known on the market, and here you can buy not only this kit, but also many other tools and ingredients for brewing. 

Beverage Craft experts will be happy to tell you about all the nuances of beer brewing, so that very soon you will be able to enjoy this wonderful drink at home!