Buying a Vivo Mobile Phone with an EMI Network Card

Whether you are a smartphone enthusiast or just a regular user, you can buy 5G smartphones in India within your budget. The finance companies are providing an EMI Network Card that allows you to get an additional discount for Vivo mobile phones. So you can get a no-cost EMI phone. Vivo has teamed up with lending institutions to serve your 5G communication needs. This makes it easier for a larger mass of people to fulfill their wish of buying a VIVO phone.

Digitization has made it possible for anyone to use services quickly. You can access almost every service, financial or otherwise, through the internet. A smartphone gives you a mobile window to access these services. With the new 5G phones, you can do that more quickly. A few top Vivo 5G mobile phones are:

  1. X60
  2. V21
  3. IQ007 

What are the lending institutions?

Lending institutions offer financial service that does not necessarily come under banking. Lending, asset management, wealth management, and insurance are the four things that these companies manage. Though their functioning is similar to banking institutions, they have differing requirements. An EMI network card is a product of such lending institutions that allow people to buy things on EMI that doesn’t strain their budget.

What is an EMI Network Card?

It is a special card that lets you purchase products in EMIs. This means you can buy any product at a small downpayment and repay the original cost in monthly installments. Using this card, you can purchase products up to four lakhs. You can get the EMI card from any of the store partners. There are many available tenors for the card; choose one and provide your details to get the card. 

You can use the EMI card for electronics like television, laptops, mobile phones, etc., and other home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. 

Shopping with EMI Network Card

You can go to the EMI store and buy the latest Vivo phone. The website offers a great selection. Moreover, you can get discounts completely paperless. You can also see many retailers on the EMI store. So you can select the dealer you trust. 

The no-cost EMI facility available is without any extra charge for you. You can pay the cost in small installments. 

Steps to get the offer:

  1. First, you need to add the Vivo phone you like to the EMI store cart.
  2. Then you must provide the necessary details; after that, you can check out. 
  3. The third step is to fill in the EMI Network card details; you may also need to enter other financial information.
  4. You will get an OTP on your phone to verify your identity; complete the purchase using that. 

In Conclusion, you can fulfill your desire to get a 5G phone through a Network card to get an EMI phone Vivo phones are available right now to buy through the card in installments.