Best Tool Bags for Mechanics

Tool bags are essential investments for any mechanic business. To facilitate strong productivity and high-quality output, your employees need a reliable way to store and transport their equipment.

A good tool bag should be sturdy, waterproof, comfortable to carry, and large enough to fit a mechanic’s diverse repertoire of tools. Ideally, the tool bag will also feature pockets and storage compartments to encourage good organization.

To make your search easier, we’ve done the research for you! Here are five of our top tool bag selections guaranteed to boost productivity within your business.

1. Facom Nylon Backpack

A backpack is an excellent alternative to a traditional tool bag, allowing for ultimate versatility in how your mechanics transport their tools. 

The Facom Nylon Backpack features multiple storage areas, including a large main compartment and several pull-out compartments. These pull-out compartments allow users to transport a small selection of tools when necessary rather than the whole bag.

This multifunctional bag also offers:

  • Thermoplastic rubber feet to prevent surface damage
  • Water-resistant and abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Heavy-duty, pad-lockable zips
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Max load of 10kg

We highly recommend this option if you’re looking for ultra-versatile tool storage.

2. GT Line Fabric Wheeled Bag

Wheeled bags are another great alternative, especially for mechanics who need to constantly move their tools within their workspace. It also has a shoulder strap for use as a regular backpack.

The GT Line Fabric Wheeled Bag offers several fantastic features, including:

  • Large wheels for extra stability
  • Extractable telescopic handle
  • Extractable rear straps
  • Two front pouches for accessories, documents, etc.
  • Two internal pallets, one for tools and one for a laptop

This bag is a great all-around solution for tool transport on the go.

3. RS Pro Polyester Tool Bag

The RS Pro Polyester Tool Bag offers excellent bang for your buck, providing reliable storage and transportation with a comfortable and durable design.

Among other features, this tool bag offers:

  • Tear-resistant polyester construction with a welded waterproof base
  • Removable hard bottom for extra versatility
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Multi-use pockets
  • Lockable zippers

We highly recommend this tool bag if you’re looking for an excellent balance of affordability, versatility, and function.

4. RS Pro Nylon Holdall

Holdalls are a fantastic option for storing those larger, heavier tools that may not fit securely in a standard toolbox or bag.

The RS Pro Nylon holdall is crafted from fiber-reinforced PVC, making it ultra-tough and able to withstand heavy weight. It is also riveted and stitched for even more strength, with the reinforced webbing running around the bag’s perimeter.

This bag also has smaller compartments for vertically storing smaller tools and accessories like screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, spanners, and more. It also features twin zippers making it quick and easy for your mechanics to access the bag’s main compartment.

Make a smart investment

Remember—durability, versatility, and comfort are the key features to look for in any mechanic’s tool bag. All four of our recommended bags offer these features, plus several extras guaranteed to boost productivity within your business.

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