Best Activities to Do in Fargo

Fargo is a destination spot for all. In Fargo, one can find adventurous zoos for children, clubs, casinos for adults, museums for art lovers, and much more. Fargo is located in the Red River Valley Region of North Dakota; the neighboring city of Fargo, Moorhead, Minnesota also adds to Fargo being the nearest holiday spot.

Local wildlife at Fargo brings you closer to the natural habitat. It is the perfect holiday destination. Let’s check out what you can do when in Fargo.

Best Activities to Do in Fargo,

Plains Art Museum

Plains Art Museum is a place for all art lovers. It included both permanent and as well as temporary art pieces from exhibitions. The Plains Art Museum also had art pieces of the local artists to bring out the hidden talent of North Dakota.

The art pieces of famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Edward S. Curtis, George Morison, and David Bradley are showcased at the Plains Art Museum Of North Dakota. You need to choose Air France booking to visit here.

Roger Maris Museum

Roger Maris Museum is dedicated to “Maris,” the baseball hero. This museum depicts the love of people for baseball and baseball heroes. The museum has arts and memorabilia of Maris.

Roger Maris grew up in Fargo and was a former New York Yankees baseball player. He was the first to score 61 home runs in the 1961 season. He broke the record of Babe Ruth’s 60 home runs in 1927.

This is why Roger Maris has an entire museum built after him and his achievements. The museum is open seven days a week, so if you are a fan of Roger Maris or baseball in general, you should visit this museum in Fargo.

Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center

Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center is a place that represents everything that three cities: North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota, and two states: Fargo and West Fargo, hold. This place reminds you of all the agricultural roots of these places.

Once a tourist enters Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Centers, they are provided maps to enjoy every corner of the area. You may find celebrities like Jesse Ventura, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Neil Diamond, and Metallica here.

The Center also has props from some of the most famous movies of Hollywood, such as Wood Chipper from the classic film Coen Brothers.

Fargo Air Museum

If you are interested in aviation, airplanes, or anything related to air, this is your place. This museum has a collection of aircraft of Fargo that have been used over the years. Some of these planes can still fly, demonstrated by the runaway built outside the museum.

The main focus of setting up this museum is to educate and interest people in the aviation industry and aircraft. Along with the giant plane and its parts, the museum also has a library filled with study materials and a gift shop for people to take home a part of the experience.

Red River Zoo

Red River Zoo is a place for a family weekend getaway. The zoo includes more than 89 species of animals and birds. You can spend hours in the zoo and still enjoy every minute. Other than wildlife, the zoo also holds interactive exhibits for children and antique carousels.

The specialty of Red River Zoo is that it takes care of and breeds some of the rarest species of native and exotic animals, all in the same environmental settings. The zoo aims to connect people with wildlife and help them understand why it is important to preserve it.

Fargo Theatre

Fargo theatre is located as a vaudeville theater and cinema. They showcase independent and foreign films. Along with that, they also organize plays and other live entertainment programs. The theatre has been listed as a historic building under National Register.

Since 2001, the Fargo Theatre has organized the Fargo Film Festival in March. The festival goes on for five days, including screening and community fun. Other performances available at Fargo Theatre are comedian performances, musical gatherings, and tribute bands.

Fargo is one of the most adventurous places for a short trip. It is a place to visit to have some fun on a busy day. If you plan to visit Fargo, you should make Spirit Airlines reservations. They have easy to go and convenient flights available to Fargo, North Dakota.