Discover New Bedroom Furniture Ideas From One Of The Best Bedroom Furniture Suppliers In UAE

Our nightstand is one of the first things we see when we get up in the morning. On the other hand, a nightstand is all too often the cluttered afterthought of our bedroom decor. For the most part, our nightstands become a jumble of books, periodicals, jewelry, phones, and other items. It’s simple for things to pile up on top to the point where we can’t see the nightstand underneath. At Bakri Furniture, you will find every kind of furniture, from large queen-sized beds with bed tv & we have various other models of beds specially designed as per the customer’s convenience. We are a well known & reputed Bedroom Furniture Suppliers UAE. You can go through our website or visit our offline store to check out our top-class collection of furniture items.

Nightstand Ideas

Don’t forget about style when it comes to functionality. Make a nightstand a focal decor component in your space while enjoying its usefulness. Your nightstand, and even the things you store on it, may provide the perfect bedside table final touch for your bedroom with a bit of planning. You’ll wake up to a gorgeous nightstand with everything you need close at hand.

Nightstand Decorating Ideas

Our suggestion: Consider your height. The secret to decorating a nightstand is to make three different size levels on top of it. It avoids the strewn-across-the-table dilemma while producing a neatly designed table.

Tall Items: To add height to your table, consider one central piece, which will be a lamp for most of us. Make sure the table foundation is the proper size if you don’t want it to take over the table, though. A potted plant or a large framed artwork pushed against the wall behind the bedside table are two other tall items to consider.

Middle Items: This is an excellent place to exercise your creativity.  Choose one or two objects that reflect your personality for your middle item. Do you enjoy reading? Stack your books to make a small shelf for a decorative item during the day. Are you a fan of the outdoors? If you are really looking for something & want to add a touch of nature to your table where you work daily. For that, look for a flower vase. Of course, a framed portrait of a loved one is a lovely addition to any bedside table.

Mismatched Nightstands

Check out these essential tips to create the perfect mismatched aesthetic in your bedroom. Stack books under one lamp on the nightstand to help lights appear the same height even though the nightstands are different heights.

Make sure your nightstands are all the same size. Just because they aren’t the same size doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be close. Make sure they’re symmetrical in your bedroom, even if they’re different in style or color. Choose nightstands with a comfortable feel. It might have circular feet, elegant décor, a square top, or anything else! It’s critical to achieve a sense of harmony throughout a room, even if the furniture is mismatched. On your nightstands, share a standard accessory. Adding matching decor to mismatched nightstands can help unify your home, whether it’s a lamp, a stack of magazines, or a picture frame.

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