Bali Pass Trek: Complete Details 


The Bali Pass, at an incredible altitude of 5,000 metres, is nestled inside the Garhwal mountains. The spectacular Himalayan mountains such as Kala Nag, Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini may be seen unimpeded from this stunning high altitude pass.

Bali Peak

The Bali Peak trek is packed with experiences and wonderful sights that would bring back memories of your journey. The hike begins in Sankri hamlet and concludes at Jankichatti. This hike requires some prior hiking expertise to begin.

Reaching a height of 16240 feet, the Bali Pass walk linking Yamunotri and Har Ki Dun Valley is a tough journey that experienced hikers should attempt. The Bali Pass hike begins in Uttarakhand’s Sankri hamlet and concludes at Janki Chatti. The Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, and Swargarohini peaks may all be seen from this trail. The Dev Thach alpine terrain, located in the centre of the Ruinsara woodland, are worth visiting. The Ruinsara Lake is unsurpassed in its majesty and magnificence, and it has mythical mythology attached to it. Backpackers who want to appreciate the beauty of the environment and test their boundaries may consider the Bali Pass trip. The optimum months to climb the Bali Pass are May to June and September to October.

Physical Fitness Required

To complete this walk effectively, one must have a high level of bodily and mental endurance due to the difficult landscape, high climbs and downhills, thrilling mountain crossings, and small routes. The Bali Pass Trip is for adventurers who want to go on unusual excursions. It is regarded as one of the most undiscovered pathways in the Indian Himalayas. Hang tight to this site for the most up-to-date information well about the Bali Pass trip, along with a trail map, schedule, weather forecast, pictures, video, and comments. To view the journals about the Bali Pass walk, go to the bottom of the page.

Places to Visit

The amazing vistas of Himalayan Mountains Swargarohini, Kalanag, and Banderpunch, as well as the magnificent panorama of Supine Valley, having a sacred plunge in the ancient Ruinsara Lake, and seeing Yamunotri Monastery, are all attractions of the Bali Pass Hike. May through October is the ideal moment to go on this trip. The path from Dehradun to Sankri via Mussoorie, Kempty Falls, Naugaon, Purola, Mori, and Netwar is famous amongst hikers. The real hiking begins in Sankri and continues through Govind National Park (wonderful blooms may be found in the pine and deodar forests), Taluka, Seema, Roiltia Waterfall Camp, Ruinsara Lake, Godari Camp (4100 metres), Higher Dhamni via Bali Pass, Yamunotri, and Hanuman Chatti.

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Backpackers can proceed to Taluka and Seema while resting in Sankri after just a 7-hour journey from Dehradun (12 kms). Even though it is possible to travel by car, a stroll through the woodland area seems to be more lovely. Hiking all along the river’s edge, passing through farmland, apple orchards, and a pine forest. Seema to Roiltia is a 4 km climbing track, and the hikers appreciate the lush meadows and vegetation and animals as a presence of Toms River. They sleep comfortably at Roiltia Waterfall for the evening.

The trek’s following lap is a 9-kilometre ascent of the path. Your eyes delight in the pine, fir, birch, and rhododendron woods and shrubs till you approach the Ruinsara valley and Ruinsara Lake. These beautiful landscapes are only for hikers in the Himalayan Mountains to admire. All along the banks of Ruinsara Lake, luscious green pastures flourish. From this vantage point, Kalanag Mountain is easily seen. Locals regard this lake to be hallowed, and having a sacred plunge in it is regarded as heavenly.

Where to Stay

Backpackers stay in Ruinsara Lake Camp for yet another day before heading to Kyarkoti campsite for Kalanag summit climbing and returning to the campsite. This respite also serves as regeneration for the following day’s trip upward. Marching to Godari (4100 metres) and resting at such a beautiful position high on the hill with beautiful scenery of the valleys beneath are truly unforgettable memories. It will be exciting to go from Godari to Upper Damini via Bali Pass since you must first climb to 4800 metres and then descend through the alpine region to reach Upper Damini at 4000 metres. The breathtaking vistas of the Peaks of the Himalayas, particularly Panchachuli, will leave you speechless. After that, the descent to Yamunotri and Hanumanchatti commences. Explore the Yamunotri shrine on the route, which is highly revered by the Hindus.