Are All Car Wash Mitts the Same?

Like microfiber towels, you can use mitts to wash your car. They are soft and will not leave scratches on your vehicle’s surface.

But mitts are designed with various materials, which begs the question, are all wash mitts the same?

The simple answer is no, and we’ll be looking at the most common and best car wash mitts on the market.

Chenille Microfiber Mitts

A chenille microfiber mitt is perfect for cleaning your car. It’s dense and absorbent and holds soapy water for longer. The long, caterpillar-like microfiber strands increase the surface area in contact with your car, minimize scratches, and won’t leave lint behind. And since you wear it like a glove, you can reach hard-to-clean places like fender wells, door handles, and several interior parts.

Lambswool Car Wash Mitts

These mitts are made from 100% lamb and sheep wool. They are famous for their supreme comfort, exceptional cleaning properties, and overall durability. They’re also incredibly soft and can hold a lot of suds.

The deep, plush pile of hair-like strands can remove dirt and grime really well while reducing the chances of scratching your clear coat. For the most part, lambswool and microfiber mitts are similar, and choosing one should boil down to personal preference. However, wool is usually more expensive and may be more difficult to keep clean.

Synthetic Wool Wash Mitts

Synthetic wool wash mitts are usually made from high-quality synthetic materials designed for comfort and longevity. This means you can use them for a long time before they fall apart.

They’re soft enough to prevent scratching your paint during washing. They‘re also dense and thick and can hold a large amount of washing solution for more lubricity.

Maintaining your car is more than just getting a good wash mitt. It involves several other tools and a proper knowledge of the dos and don’ts of car care. Find out more at

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