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A Brief Description of Mesotherapy, Its Types, Benefits, and Other Aspects

mesotherapy injections for cellulite

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Mesotherapy is derived from a Latin word that means “medium treatment.” It is a form of aesthetic treatment that is performed on the middle layer of the skin. This method is similar to acupuncture. The process involves injecting amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals into the middle layer of your skin through needles.

Mesotherapy is legal for anybody over the age of 18 who is in good health. However, some people cannot have this therapy because of various conditions. Mesotherapy offers a wide range of applications. Mesotherapy injections for cellulite reduce cellulite in the skin and improve the health of the skin. It also helps in weight loss and reduces signs of aging from the skin.

However, some important factors such as health, age, and physical characteristics need to be considered as they can change the content needed to be injected through this treatment.

Let’s talk about mesotherapy in detail

What is Mesotherapy?

It is a minimally invasive procedure that assists in improving microcirculation. It also shrinks fat cells, removes fibrous connective tissues, and also promotes lymphatic drainage. This treatment involves the use of natural ingredients.

The injection contains various nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and minerals. These dissolve in the skin and resolve the issues causing skin dimpling.

The Procedure of Mesotherapy

In mesotherapy, very fine needles inject various solutions into the middle layer of the skin. It is an effective treatment for treating damage to the skin and for boosting blood circulation in the skin.

The content of the solution is based on the age of the person, area of application, the purpose of doing the therapy, and various other reasons. Mesotherapy injections for cellulite help reduce cellulite in the skin. It promotes weight loss, treats stretch marks, and also improves signs of skin aging.

Preparation of Mesotherapy

It is a popular aesthetic treatment. Before beginning mesotherapy, a physical checkup is performed, and the age and health condition of the individual is checked. It involves a definite diagnosis of the patient’s ailment following a physical examination. After proper diagnosis, an anesthetic cream is applied to the area of application.

For each patient, disposable needles are used, and a solution that appears to be suited for the patient is applied to that location.

The doctor injects a very small quantity of fluid into the skin area. Depending on the demands of each skin region, the doctor might suggest more mesotherapy treatments. An outpatient therapy that does not need the placement of a bandage. After application, if there are no adverse effects, the patient can return to his or her usual routine.

Type of Mesotherapy

There are basically three types of mesotherapy depending upon the type of treatment. These three types include

Other than that, there are other forms of mesotherapy such as meso-lifting, hair mesotherapy, and body mesotherapy.

How Does Mesotherapy Benefits You?

This treatment is effective, and it offers benefits in many ways depending upon the area of application. It eliminates various problems such as dark spots, skin issues, wrinkles, and cracks on the skin. It also reduces cellulite in the area of application.

This treatment method is also helpful for people dealing with hair issues and baldness, such as alopecia which is a hair loss problem. The treatment provides hair growth, and it also relieves acute and chronic pain in various body parts. This treatment is also useful in treating injuries and other problem that occurs during sports activities.

Mesotherapy addresses a wide range of cosmetic problems. This treatment has little to no side effects, and it is beneficial in improving the skin tone and reducing the redness of the skin. It also targets skin pigmentation and promotes the production of collagen, which results in a more youthful and healthier complexion.

Is The Procedure Effective?

The outcomes of mesotherapy treatment might be seen 4-6 weeks following the session. Each patient’s treatment is personalized to their specific needs, resulting in positive outcomes. To attain particular aims, some patients may mix mesotherapy with other cosmetic procedures.

Things You Should Pay Attention to after Mesotherapy

If you are thinking about doing mesotherapy treatment, there are a few things that you need to consider. People who are getting mesotherapy should avoid taking anticoagulants like aspirin before or after the procedure.

Moreover, make sure not to come in contact with water within the first 10-15 hours after doing mesotherapy. Do not wear tight clothes since they might obstruct blood flow. It is better if you do not apply makeup on the skin within the first 10-15 hours of the treatment.

Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs before or after the treatment. Consume nutritious meals both before and after mesotherapy.

Avoid the use of high protein diets such as alcohol, smoking, and caffeine. To avoid swelling, bruising, and redness, apply ice to the application area and the surrounding region.

Do not scratch the region of treatment. Avoid putting pressure on the afflicted region. Do not touch the affected region to avoid infection. Before contacting the region, you should wash your hands. You must evaluate all of your doctor’s advice and adhere to them without fail.

What are the Conditions in which Mesotherapy is Inconvenient?

You should not go for mesotherapy in certain conditions. If you are pregnant or at the stage of breastfeeding, do not go for this treatment. Moreover, cancer patients and patients with blood coagulation disorders should not get mesotherapy.

Furthermore, if you have an allergy to any substance that is a constituent in microinjection, you cannot go through the process. People with paralysis history and those dealing with the ulcerative disorder should also not go for mesotherapy.

Price of Mesotherapy

The price of mesotherapy varies depending upon factors such as the type of clinic where you are taking the treatment, type of treatment, treatment area, and the duration of the treatment, and it’s the best procedure to get you extra enzymes, vitamins and get your hormones balanced.

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