7 Items That Can Be Your Best Friend in a Solo Trip

Traveling solo can be fascinating and also intriguing. Traveling goes with a lot of expectations and anxiety. Traveling with family and friends can be fun, but a solo trip takes a lot of planning and preparation before embarking on. Depending on the region you are traveling to or where you want to sojourn temporarily, what you carry along with will be determined by the purpose of your journey. 

You must do a thoughtful packing of personal belongings before you travel; otherwise, you will find your trip frustrating if you leave out an essential need for your journey. This means that you have to sit down and plan your journey. To make your trip unique, more pleasurable, and memorable, we’ve listed some tips in this travel guide that can be your closest companion on a solo trip. We listened to some solo travelers to come up with these seven items. Hang on. 

  • 7 Must-haves that Can Be Your Best Friend on a Solo Trip 
  1. Carry-On Luggage 

When it comes to traveling, the issue is not whether you need a suitcase or not; instead, it’s a matter of what type of suitcase you need. It would be best to have a carry-on suitcase suitable for your journey. If you’re a tech-savvy person, you need a carry-on suitcase that has USB charging facilities to lighten your burden on charging your smartphone.  

Some of the newest carry-ons have electronic locks to secure your luggage and Wi-Fi connectivity, and even more. Carry-on luggage comes in various sizes. It would help if you had a carry-on that should be able to contain your personal belongings without being a burden to you. Whether traveling by road, air, or water, a carry-on suitcase is essential because it can carry nearly all your travel needs. 

2. Car Roof Racks 

Rooftop racks can assist you with free increasing space inside the vehicle on an excursion. It might appear to be terrifying to lash your resources onto the highest point of a vehicle, however, a dependable vehicle rooftop rack will guarantee the wellbeing of your possessions. It likewise gives a dependable and sturdier answer for moving your sporting gear. 

Nonetheless, you can likewise join an overhang to your car roof rack to make a concealed spot for you to loosen up on a warm radiant day. This proves to be useful assuming you go on continuous journeys and excursions. 

Make sure to pick a rooftop rack reasonable for your vehicle’s size and model, and a technician can assist you with introducing it. Deal with your speed while driving, and consistently check the dependability of the rooftop rack all through the excursion. The following are a couple of well-being rules for introducing your vehicle rooftop rack. 

3. First Aid Kit 

A first aid kit may not be considered an essential element when going on a solo trip, but the chances are that anything can go wrong. No one wants to gamble with health issues; you should be prepared for any eventual health challenges on your trip. 

To avoid carrying excess items and reduce load, you can customize your first aid kit and narrow it down to only the essential needs. Depending on your need, antibiotics, cleansing wipes, gauze, ointments, etc., can be very useful while journeying alone. If you are prone to any ailment or are on medication, your drugs should form part of your first aid kit. 

4. Portable Power Bank 

Talking about items that can be your best friend on a solo trip without mentioning the power bank will look like leaving out the most essential. No one wants to experience a low battery on a solo trip; hence a portable power bank is as necessary as the phone itself. 

To ensure you are in touch with the world around you, keep your smartphone alive. Your phone can be your guide or for security purposes. Take a portable power bank as an essential companion on your solo journey. 

5. Waterproof or Zip Jacket 

If you’re the type that usually carries ID cards and ATM/credit cards, you will need a zip jacket when traveling alone.  

A zip jacket will be useful in many ways. You can wear it when it rains to prevent cold – especially if it’s waterproof; you can use it to keep your cards and small items safe and handy. A lightweight zip jacket can also be part of your clothing while performing other functions. 

6. Water Bottle 

As part of your companion on your solo trip, a water bottle is an essential need. A water bottle will keep you hydrated all through your journey. A portable water bottle will save you the headache of buying many plastic water bottles. You have water with you when you need it. 

You can find foldable water bottles. You can also get an insulated water bottle to maintain your cold water while you journey. Carrying your water bottle is a win-win situation for your solo trip. 

7. Toiletries 

This is another essential item you need when going on a solo trip, depending on where you’re planning on visiting, toiletries like tissues, sanitizers, and others. If you’re going camping, toiletries are a must-carry item because you’re out alone in the wild; you need your toiletries to ensure your hygiene is at its best. 

Even if you’re staying at a hotel, it’d still be nice to grab a few from home because you’re unsure of what’s in the room that fits your regular routine.  


As exciting as a solo trip is, it also has its drawbacks; we’ve highlighted the above tips for your single personal experience. If you are a new solo traveler or you’ve been sojourning before, there is something to take away from this article.