6 Laundry Room Flooring Options In 2022

All people want their laundry room to be comfortable, functional, and attractive so they can perform their chores effectively in it. There are many things in the laundry room that should be perfect, such as the washer, dryer, lighting, and most importantly, the flooring of the laundry room.

So when we talk about the laundry room flooring, there are many things to consider, like water resistance, softness, warmth, maintenance, and, of course, cost effectiveness. A search for flooring containing all these factors is very difficult for people.

That’s the reason I am here to guide you in selecting the ideal fixit flooring for many laundry rooms. So here are 6 laundry room flooring options that can easily be installed in all moisture-prone places. These floors are not just functional, but they also have a very elegant look.

1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options for laundry areas. This flooring has remarkable features that are beneficial for all wash areas. Most importantly, it is unique and beautiful. It can provide an amazing look to the laundry area.

Pros of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

East to Install

LVF is very easy to install because it usually comes in sheets, so an untrained person can even install it by just watching a YouTube tutorial.

100% Waterproof

This flooring is 100% waterproof, so it can provide slip resistance. Laundry rooms always have water on the floors, so it protects the users.


It is very inexpensive. It can even provide a wooden floor look to the floor. Still, the rates of this flooring are affordable.

Beautiful Appearance

Luxury vinyl flooring has the capability to make the overall aesthetics of your place really appealing and luxurious as well.  

Cons of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Rigid Core

The core of LVF is very hard, so it is not as comfortable as simple vinyl flooring. 

Water can Leak

Although it is 100% waterproof, even then water can make its way and leak through these floors.

2. Tile Flooring

Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring are almost ideal for every type of floor, especially for floors that have water, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas. If these tiles are installed perfectly, they are even more durable than any other type of flooring mentioned in the list, but remember, if installed properly.

Pros of Tile Flooring

Easy to Clean

This flooring is very easy to clean because of the smooth surface. It is simple to remove dust and spots from it with a mop and detergent water.


It is also waterproof if properly installed. It never allows the water to seep into the ground.

Wide Range

There is a wide range of colors, designs, styles, and patterns available in it, so people can select according to their choices.

Cost Effective

Tile flooring is widely available at highly affordable rates, so it can easily install in laundry rooms.

Cons of Tile Flooring

Flawless Installation is Difficult

The installation of this flooring is not difficult, but the flawless installation is difficult because sometimes the gaps between the tiles are not properly filled.

Cold and Hard

This flooring is cold, which is good in summers but not in winters. The texture of tiles is also very hard.

3. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

If anyone is searching for a solution to all the problems of laundry flooring, then sheet vinyl flooring is best for them. This flooring has all the properties that laundry area flooring should have. The vinyl flooring suppliers in dubai provides the quality best of flooring.

This is one of the top best floorings for moist areas or areas where water always remains on the floor, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

Pros of Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Easy to Install

It is very easy to install. Even an inexperienced person can easily install this flooring on their own.

Completely Waterproof

It is one of those floors which is completely waterproof. That’s the reason it is perfect for laundry.

Stain Resistant

It has very impressive stain-resistant properties, so it never allows spots to soak into it.


This flooring is also very comfortable. During laundry, people can easily stand on it for hours without getting foot pain. 

Cons of Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Difficult to Repair

If vinyl sheet flooring gets damaged, it is very difficult to repair. The only solution is to replace the damaged sheet.


With passing time the color of the vinyl flooring can fade.

4. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most economical flooring options on this list. This flooring can easily be installed on a tiny budget in the laundry room. It is waterproof, but it is not good for floors where water always remains standing. It is therefore advisable to put a mat under the washing machine to prevent any damage.

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Pros of Laminate Flooring

Simple Maintenance

The maintenance of this flooring is very easy. Spills and marks can easily be removed with a soft microfiber mop and laminate flooring cleaner.

Extreme Resilience

It has a topmost wear layer that is resistant to any damage, especially scratches. 

Easy Installation

The installation of laminate flooring is very easy. There is a simple locking system in it, which makes it very easy to install and anyone can do this.


The price of this flooring is comparatively low as compared to luxury vinyl flooring and engineered wood flooring. So it can be easily installed in large laundry places.

Cons of Laminate Flooring

Not Completely Moisture Proof

This flooring is not completely moisture-proof because when it comes to standing water, it does not protect itself from damage.

Can’t Be Repaired

When laminate flooring gets damaged, it is very difficult to repair.

5. Engineered Wood Flooring

This is one of the most trending floorings nowadays because of its beautiful wooden patterns and durability. People use this flooring in their homes to increase the looks and resale value of their places. It can also be used in the laundry because it is very comfortable and also waterproof.

It is much better than solid wood flooring because solid wood can’t withstand water on it. So, if you want to give your washing area a wooden floor, always go with engineered wood flooring.

Pros of Engineered Wood Flooring

Adds Value to Home

Engineered wood flooring can add value to the home. It can increase the attractiveness of the place in no time. 

Great Temperature Resistance

It provides temperature resistance. So it will not shrink in winters and expand in summers like old traditional wooden floors.

Profitable Investment

This is one of the most profitable investments because it can increase the resale value of the property and it can last for over 50 years.


This flooring is one of the most stylish and attractive floorings, especially for people who want wooden flooring for their washing areas.

Cons of Engineered Wood Flooring 


It is expensive as compared to other flooring because of its unique manufacturing method.

Can be damaged by chemicals

When continuously exposed to laundry chemicals, it can easily be damaged.

6. Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is what you already have at your laundry place. You can decorate it with many methods, such as paintings and colors. It is waterproof and doesn’t need any floor covering, such as rugs, carpets, and mats.

There is a concrete floor in every home already. It can be decorated, or another option is an additional layer of concrete on the floor, which acts as the decorative layer.

Pros of Concrete Flooring

Low Maintenance 

It requires very little maintenance because it never absorbs spots, spills, and stains. 

Beautiful Design Options

There can be many decorative pattern options in concrete flooring, so everyone can choose according to their aesthetics.

Eco Friendly

It is very eco-friendly because it never ruins the environment by emitting harmful gases.

Low Rates

The rate of this flooring is very low. The price range starts from $2 to $4 per square meter, which is very affordable for all people.

Cons of Concrete Flooring

Develop Cracks

No matter how carefully it is installed, with passing time, cracks develop on it.

Hardness and Looks

It is not as beautiful as other flooring. The texture of concrete is also hard.

Floorings to Avoid in Laundry Rooms

There are many floors that are not suitable for laundry rooms. So I am also mentioning the unsuitable floorings for laundry, so you don’t consider them while installing floors in your washing area.


Carpet is one of the most commonly used flooring in living rooms and bedrooms, but it is not suitable for washing places because it can absorb all the water and remain wet for a long time. Standing water can also destroy the pile of the carpet.

Regular (Non-Waterproof) Laminate Flooring

I have already mentioned that laminate flooring is suitable for laundry areas, but as we know, the old type of non-waterproof laminate is also present. So always avoid those non-waterproof laminate floors for use in the laundry rooms.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is another mismatch for laundry rooms because this wooden flooring is not waterproof. This flooring can easily be damaged by continuous contact with water. No one wants to ruin their expensive flooring, so it is not advisable for laundry.


Now you know all about the best laundry room flooring options, so you can select any of them by avoiding the prohibited flooring for laundries mentioned above. All the 6 floorings mentioned above are great for all washing areas, no matter domestic or commercial. Best of luck with the selection of laundry flooring.

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